LAST NIGHT on the World Famous The MUSIQ BOX Show hosted by ELIJAH on Studio 2b or TuneIn radio app. LIVE 8pm-10pm (pacific time) WE have calling in the first hour Reggae Sensation & official artist performing this Saturday at #ReggaeSunFestTHIRD WORLD to talk about their #NewMusic & up coming shows. ALSO calling in the first hour we have Reggae High Priest & Headlining this weekends #ReggaeSunFest the one & only Maxi Priest to talk about #NewMusic, up coming projects & shows. AND joining us in studio we have President of California Conscious Music FestivalJoshua Siegel to talk about #ReggaeSunFest this Saturday. PLUS my good friend George Pahulu aka TonganPassion will be stopping by to drop some #NewMusic & some classics for ya>>>> ALSO we will be giving away 2 pairs of TIXS for this Saturday’s bigg concert #ReggaeSunFest at Soma Village in Rohnert Park Ca. IN our playlist tonight we have music from Mystic Roots Sol Horizon Mighty MysticNative Elements so u don’t wanna miss #History #Tonite

Radio Ha Ha with guest comedian Jade!

Radio Ha Ha
Worldwide Podcast with hosts Danny Dechi & Rebecca Ward.
Guest comedian Jade, plus funny music!
Listen live or any time.
Keeping you entertained during your commute, or whatever else you’re doing.
(I don’t need to know.)

Live Every Thursday – 6PM to 8PM (PST)


ANTHONY ANDERSON and VERNA WILSON are joined with tonight’s guest, Paranormal Investigator, MICHELLE LEBARON!  She will chat with us and share her many adventures as she strives to complete her “Paranormal Bucket List” of places to investigate.  We will also present the PARANORMAL NEWS from around the world.

Not Safe For Work – Ray’s Birthday Special!

Host Jay Austin Graham presents a birthday special for one of our favorite guests, Ray Gonzalez, who may be too wasted to even make it to the show.  If that is the case his friends will make fun of him while he is forced to listen to the show from home.  Alex Urbina assures us he will be on the program.  Tom Fritsche will be just intoxicated enough to keep anyone from getting too deep into topics like, which conspiracy is the real conspiracy, Chester Bennington, mini skirts in Saudi Arabia, Uber drivers getting blowies, and DUI-E, Navy Seals, the lottery, alcohol, drugs, laws, and stuff we cannot allow the spooks to read here.  Plus music from Linkin Park, Mastodon, and The Urge!

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Live Wednesday 6-8pm Pacific in FCC Free Radio Studio 1A

The Bob Benson Show

Please join me and my cohost Paul Slade for Another Exciting Show today 6 to 8 pm PDT from Studio 2B!  There will be Comedy – including a Top Ten List, Stupid Stuff, Sports and probably a Surprise Guest!  Please listen during the show for the call in number to join the conversation!


UNEEK RADIO SEASON 4 EP.12 “TURN UP TUESDAY!” It’s the #Last Episode  of #Season4 and DJ Kween Uneek is going to end this season with a bang! She has a few of her friends dropping in to celebrate and do just that! #DJBlack #MCSummerBreeze will be in the building just to name a few! The Kween also has some major announcements to make so stay tuned! #HappyBirthdayTonePatron he will be celebrating his birthday at #ElRio on #July26 Wednesday night and I’m sure it will be pretty festive!

So be sure to Tune In and Turn Up  UNEEK RADIO !!!

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Part 110: Classic R&B & Hip-Hop

Dj Bass 77 is back again for more classic R&B & Hip-Hop.

For this show there is no planned line up. The songs played in this show will just be played by feeling – in other words freestyle.

The first hour will be Classic R&B & the second hour will be Classic Hip-hop.

So tune in from 8p-10p on Tuesday at


Geekline 7 – 25 – 17

Tonight’s episode: your host Sundance spins whatever finds it’s way into his hands as ANY combination of music/comedy or ANYTHING else can turn up. Why not check him out tonight in studio 1A at 8pm….  Same Geekline time… same Geekline channel….

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The @BrianKnockin Show at Noon 7/25/2017 Featuring @theboyemg @bhramabull #Promo

Brian Knockin is dropping all FIRE! Check this dope show! Check out Evan Michael Green American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and self-taught producer. We bringing his new project “All The Things That I Am” make sure you grab that and place it in your playlists! All Hip Hop artists make sure to shoot us your music via Apple Music and Spotify to [email protected] for potential playlist runs and include social media and contact information. And check out all future and past podcasts!

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The Hella Positive Show! #25 – Kaly Jay – July 25, 2017

Tonight at 6pm! The Hella Positive Show LIVE with this week’s special guest… Kaly Jay! We’ll be discussing his newest album “Raincoat Saucy” available here – @Kaly Jay

The Hella Positive Show is a talk show that serves as platform for bringing people together to discuss positive ideas, community, and art in the Bay Area and abroad. We use the platform to inspire #HellaPositiveConversations about topics in the world that need creative solutions or need to be talked about. Hella Positive is a grass roots movement started in the San Francisco, Bay Area. We invite you to listen in, Tuesdays at 6pm at To learn more about Hella Positive check out or the #hellapositive hashtag. Check us out on Instagram: @hellapositive for daily inspiration, updates, community events and coupon codes when shopping at !

Pub Crawl: Strange Moods

Tonight on Pub Crawl: Un Podcast Poblada por gente que resiste ahora y siempre el invasor con una pocion magica que los hace invencibles: El Cerebro!  That might be a bunch of shit.  I’d like to think that we are resisters.  That if the fate of the world were up to me I’d stand up and fight.  Not only with my body but with my mind.  I’d like to combat ignorance with intelligence.  Sometimes I envy our ancestors who were fortunate to fight and die for things that were so obviously right and against things that are so obviously wrong.  Today things are muddled.  Right and wrong have become perverted.  Justice is perverted.  Nature is perverted.  And these perversions must be protected even though something in me says that something here isn’t right.  But is anything wrong?

Godfrey’s Pub Crawl,  part bar, part radio show, parts unknown.  Featuring Meredith, our “Bartender to the Stars” and her gaggle of misfits, malcontents, ne’er do wells, once-functional alcoholics and anyone with testicles (or congruent lady parts) enough to give us a ring.  Just like your local tavern, we’ll be talking to- and behind the backs of- interesting people from all crawls of life, all while we pour drinks from our bottomless fountain of genteel indignation.  So grab your stool and belly-up ’cause the bar is set, low… REAL low.

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Zee’z Yerba Buena #8

Hello San Francisco!!! Zee here ready for another Zee’z Yerba BuenaOn today’s show I will be joined by friend and co-producer of “Tuesday’s Child on Wednesday” Morgan!

We’ll recap our last Tuesday’s Child on Wednesday and shoot the breeze!!

We will also be talking about the tragic death of Chester Bennington of Linkin Park.

Linkin Park was one of my favorite bands growing up. Linkin Park changed alternative music as we know it! We will talk about how important mental health is and how important it is to ask someone if they are ok. We can all help one another by talking to each other! We will be playing songs from Linkin Park, Audio Slave, Sound Garden, Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, and Sublime. Join us today 7/24/2017 at 4:00 PST live from Studio 2b only on FCCFREERADIO!!!

Eddie Winters Goes for the Gold…

Iconic disc jockey, Eddie Winters is back in the radio cave with a brand new episode of the coup! This week, Eddie brings back long time hot seat sitter, Bodhi Lane to the program!

Eddie and Bodhi will take you through some their favorite segments including “This Day in Rock”, “Real American Headlines”, “Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You” and more…

Look out for an exciting new edition of “You write it and we’ll do it live”…

Also hear from great coup friends like Number One fan, The Stallion and Pietro DiGennaro.

Get with the program! Literally.

Fish Burps: Episode 92: Gets Winded Going Downstairs

The program features humor (hopefully), adult language (definitely), intervals of Dan & Doug loving and/or hating one another, complaining, adult themes, adults discussing TV show theme songs,  and Sara rethinking her decision to be a part of this. Listener discretion advised. But, jeez, we’re not your mom. Live your life.

Two life long friends, Dan & Doug, who can barely stand one another wax moronic about their lives, the world and other pointless endeavors. Doug & Dan almost never agree on anything but one of them is always right. Through their very different lenses they will dissect everything and try to figure out what the hell is going on, as if it matters. There will be lively conversations about many topics (TBA), arguments, tiffs, petty bickering, friendship, special guests, not so special guests, intelligence and stupidity. Plus, Sara DeForest. Sara joined the podcast because Dan and Doug wanted a mediator. Turns out that she is more of an instigator, teaming up with one host or the other and encouraging more bickering. Sara also offers a “fresh” perspective, meaning that she hasn’t seen M*A*S*H and is the target for Dan & Doug’s complaints about Millennials. But don’t worry, she doesn’t regret her decision to join the podcast at all. As their fan base grows, so will their power and influence. This will ultimately lead to an enormous fight [hopefully] on air about how to use their new found cache of cultural importance. Sara will use this power to convince her parents that she is in fact funny. Doug will want to use it to get more beer; Dan will want to use it to find the absolutely best pair of pants for his body type. Have a listen before things go horribly wrong.

The Cool Lounge. Studio 2b. 6-8 PM

Alright, we’re back after a two week hiatus for I was out of town on business. Sorry, didn’t mean to keep you waiting so long-but now I’m back!

Stay tuned, we got some good from Remy Shand, Mr. Seven Strings and much more.

The Cool Lounge specializes in a wide variety of genre’s including Pop, R&B, Smooth Jazz, Hip-Hop, Indie and Classic Rock. TCL plays popular music but more than often you’ll find the best of the bay area’s underrated independent artists. Tune in weekly for a cool surprise. You might even catch a tribute to one of your favorite artists.


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