THE MUSIQ BOX SHOW 5/23/18 #CaliRootsEdition featuring In Studio BURNT BAND, AFAKASI BRAND & Cali Roots Artist’s Music

TONITE!!! on the World Famous The MUSIQ BOX Show #CaliRootsEditionHosted by Elijah alongside @diggymkz from Mango Kingz LIVE on Studio 2b or the @fccfree radio app. Or Tune in radio app. 8pm-10pm (pst) bringing u the BEST in Reggae Music & Culture. JOINING us in studio we have my brotha Owner and Founder Uchenna from Afakasi Brand who has some exciting NEWS to share with u. PLUS we have local reggae rising artist’s BURNT. to play some acoustic jams and talk about their gig this weekend in s.f. ALSO we have all your California Roots news, lineup and music from all your official artists performing this weekend *****SO make sure to tell a friend to tune in and turn up your MusiqBox.

UNEEK RADIO Season 7 Ep.6 “LET THE MUSIC PLAY!”05.22.18

UNEEK RADIO Season 7 Ep.6 ” LET THE MUSIC PLAY! ”  DJ Kween Uneek is gon’ do just that!  She wants to take it back to her early days as a teen growing up in the Bay Area & play the music that molded her from a “Kid to a Kween”. She’s taking it back to the 70’s 80’s & 90’s.. Tune in &  take a walk down memory lane with the DJ Kween Uneek.  FriscoPink  from “Light One Potcast” will be in the building along with Bay Area Artist  Cali Coo . Special  Guest DJ SNICK AT NIGHT taking over with a LIVE SET on the second hour of the show!! Listen to Uneek Radio LIVE from  #STUDIO1A on FCCFREERADIO  Every Tuesday 10pm-12am or Catch up on ALL the PAST SHOWS on our main page!

MARK YO CALENDER!! JUNE 4, 2018  BAY AREA LOCAL ARTIST SHOWCASE!!  Brought to you by: Kween Uneek Entertainment

540 VALENCIA STREET S.F.   IT’S M.A.D. MONDAYS!!  (Music, Art, Dance!) @ Blondie’s Bar  540 VALENCIA STREET S.F.   (9pm-2am) $5.00 Cover MUSIC BY: DJ KWEEN UNEEK & DJ SNICK AT NIGHT


Stand-up Comic: Tee-Marie

Available for Purchase:

Art By: Alex Carwile &  Hella Bay Clothing 


Tune In and Turn Up  UNEEK RADIO !!!


The LightOne Potcast S.2 Ep.13 – (What if? Episode) Replay

The LightOne Potcast S.2 Ep.13 – (What if? Episode)

Dank you, errrr, Thank you very much for light’ing one up with us. We talk up our post Mother’s Day experience this weekend, Mother Earth is always celebrated and respected (like the volcano at the big island in Hawaii) so we definitely go there.  Today we do something special we play a “what if?” game, what if it was always legal, accessible, affordable, accepted, used medically, etc. LeBron down 2 to Zero and warriors Up by same margin.  We send some love to Hawaii and the active volcano status, aloha and Mahalo love to our brethren.  This Monday the Supreme Court took a huge leap to legalize sports betting, ‘what if’ it was always legal.  follow up on the Trippy sauce and the topical cream and lotions help that we have available. Of course, As always we dive in, promote and  discuss deeper things and special guests Shanette’s dad and Kae from El Rio, so Light One up with us. Recorded May 15th! 

Turn’up Tuesday’s with The LightOne Potcast + Uneek Radio + Rise Up Radio + The Booth = The Royal family!!!

Accept Yourself, Love Yourself, Celebrate Yourself……Respect!!!

May 21, 2018 TonganRadio on the 1s and 2s

We welcome back Mofisi as on this episode we will provide you a recap from Rugby Night with the SF Giants last week thanks to Spritz Marketing.  Also we have new music and new topics for our Tongan segments: “The Fie’ilo Report” “T.P Jeopardy” “Mofisi Word of the Day” “T.P Poetry” and “Hella Vela”. Tap in and jam with us as we set the tone for the Memorial Weekend.

-TP & Mofisi

The Booth – Season of the Sickness Ep.6

special guest(s) this week: Thomas Anderson @thomasanderson79


The * Booth is a podcast on the radio, that’s not the radio, but kind of the radio, and is really a podcast.

Hosted by: Rizal Mabuhay @mestizo_the_mayor . Rizal, a performance artist of many different mediums, basically loves conversation. His desire to shed light on the Bay Area sensibility, that has spawn many generations of art and innovation, is the driving force behind The Booth.
Along for the ride is a perfect ensemble of personalities that create the vibe for the space to air open and honest discussion. @mus_madd_hatter (Darnell), who is a performance artis in his own right, acts as the fact checker on the show. @jessyarlyn , the business man and a father of two, most often calls in from Seattle to share his thought. @da_pradukt (roc scott) is also a business woman, who is also responsible for all of the beautiful photographs of The Booth, also brings a unique perspective to the show.

The idea for this show dates back to 1997-1998 with the idea of a shitake booth as a play on words. It’s an open forum to discuss openly, any and all topics that are important to whomever is in The * Booth. We are attempting to bring to light all of the interesting people we know, and extend an invitation to speak with interesting people that we would like to learn from. Art is Life & Life is Art.

Zee’z Yerba Buena #30

It’s Monday in Zee’z favorite city in the world! That means it’s time for Zee’z Yerba Buena!!!! I have a great show lined up for us today!!! Loren Kraut & Morgans Funny will be joining me in world famous Studio2b!!! We’ll be talking about Loren’s one woman show “A Bit Touched”! Also gonna recap our last Tuesday’s Child On Wednesday and chat about what ever else comes to mind!!! We’ll play some tunes and shoot the shit live at 4pm!!! So get your Tunein apps ready and tune in to Studio2b!!! Only at FCCFREERADIO.COM!!!!!!


METAL GROOVE RADIO #160 – 5.20.18

METAL GROOVE RADIO’S 160th SHOW will be an OLD-SCHOOL, REALLY HEAVY-ACTUALLY METAL ASS KICKIN GOOD TIME !!!! we have a treat as METAL GUITAR PHENOM ANTHONY DENNY will be in-studio to talk metal and spin some albums and we will also be joined by BAY AREA LEGEND MIKE GLENDENNING (host of ffcfreeradio’s UNDERGROUND MAYHEM SHOW) …. SO … as always, you GROOVED-OUT METALHEADS are set up for the best metal radio listening experience available !!! we are LIVE on SUNDAYS 6-8pm (PST) LIVE IN STUDIO 1A…. we would ALL like to thank EVERY ONE OF OUR FANS for continuously making us the number ONE music show on ….. Go ahead and friend us on Facebook (@PJ Boston or Metal Groove Radio on facebook) or drop a tweet @realpjboston. And thanks again so much for all the support – our fans keep us going – we love you all !!! \m/ \m/

FAIKA! S2:E21 – Gaynor Siataga & Neo Veavea

Brought To You By PolyByDesign

District 10 Candidate Neo Veavea and community activist Gaynor Siataga join us in the studio today for an update.  Also We will be recapping the big Pacific Islanders Together (PIT) “Shine Family Day” that happened on Saturday May 19th.

The Faika Podcast is brought to you by PolyByDesign.  It broadcasts from FCCFREERADIO.COM in the FLAGSHIP Studio 1A.  We shine on positive Pacific Islanders every Sunday from 10 am to 12 noon.

Topics that we will discuss include Aaron Schlossberg.  Schlossberg is a New York attorney that was captured on video going on a rant about retail employees being (he claimed) illegal immigrants.  Mass shootings are in the news again in Santa Fe; what do we need to do as a society?  Falsely accused San Francisco 49’er Ruben Foster’s story will also be on the agenda.  When are we too quick to believe allegations?

To listen live just go to FCCFREERADIO.COM and click on the “Listen Live Now!” button that reads “Studio 1A“.   Listen to us live or download us this afternoon after the show using the link we post or by going to the FCCFREE website.

Come Faika with us!


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Lilycat on Stuff – God Sex

Hello Sweeties

This Sunday, we will have Todd Crawshaw, Author of  God Sex and Psychosis… We hear stories and talk about literature, sex, god, and mental health…

Sunday – 12- 2PM – Studio 1-A

Matthew Félix: A Real-life Saga & A New Edition

Back from hiatus!!!

Sunday, 5/20, 2:00 – 4:00 Pacific
Live from Studio 1A

My first guest this week will be Tania Romanov, author of the new book Mother Tongue, the true-life saga of three generations of Balkan women, one of whom happens to be Tania herself. A writer, traveler, and award-winning photographer, Tania was born in Serbia and spent her early years in a refugee camp in Trieste, Italy, before eventually emigrating to the United States. Tania attended San Francisco public schools, U.C.Berkeley, and the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and she served as CEO of three IT companies. Tania’s stories have won numerous awards and been featured in The Best Travel Writing series. Tania will share incredible experiences that might seem like abstract events in faraway lands, but that she lived firsthand.

In my second segment, I’ll talk with my first-ever repeat guest! Award-winning author Sabine Bergmann is co-founder and Editorial Director of online travel magazine Hidden Compass. She’s also a freelance writer and editor, as well as a conservation activist. Sabine’s stories have appeared in Sierra Magazine, Bay Nature Magazine, California Magazine, Wired, Geographic Expeditions, and Ethical Traveler, among others. Sabine is currently working on her first book, Jaded Altruism: How Persistence, Not Perfection, Will Create a Better World. We’ll talk about the latest edition of Hidden Compass, Sabine’s recent eight-page feature in Bay Nature magazine, and much more.

LISTEN LIVE! (2:00- 4:00 Pacific)
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1) Click the Studio 1A button (upper right of page)
=> On a cell?
1) Download a free app:
2) Search for “fccfree”.

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST! (after 4:00 Pacific):
1) Go to
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PLEASE NOTE: Player shown below (under post) is NOT for the live show; it is for podcast that is posted after the live show is complete. For the live show, click the Studio 1A button on the upper right of this page or listen on a cell phone.

Overviews and links to previous shows here:

What’s Really Happening?

This Sunday in studio 2b i’ve got my co-host comedian Cassandra Inglesby along with very special guest the peoples candidate Austin Bennett. Don’t forget to write him in on the ballot. We’ll also have host of the show zees yerba buena Zee Ziz on the show. We’ll start with music by Breathless aka Honey B . Also we’ll have music guests joeker Joe Phillips and mister cleen Bryan MisterCleen Fullmer

The Big Guitar Show 05/19/18 12 – 3 pm pst / 3 – 6 pm est

The Big Guitar Show airs today LIVE from my home studio near Pittsburgh, PA. Tune in for three hours of High Octane Footstompin’ Twang, Rock-a-billy, Insurgent Country, Surf, Punk, Garage Rock, Texas Roadhouse Blues and much more. To quote Webb Wilder “Pick up on it!” Oh yeah, plus lots of bumblin’ and stumblin’……………..!

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The Boro will be back next week to send you and yours into the night….RIGHT! Until then take a second listen to last week’s show or a first if you missed it. Also check out our website: or the fan page on FB for the playlist. See ya next week party people, PEACE!

Underground Mayhem With Mike Glendinning-5/19/2018 Pow Magazine and The San Francisco Great Society.

MisterMc Dougal from Shilsound Recording and I will be hanging out with Dennis Gonzales who is the founder of Pow magazine but also the co-founder of The San Francisco Great Society. We will be discussing the ins and outs of running a publication, how a band should approach a magazine to get a review or an article about them and putting together music and art festivals.


It’s a big underground and there is plenty of Mayhem to go around.  Join me, Mike Glendinning every Saturday from 2-4PM PST in studio 2B by clicking here!

Get Those Spliffs Ready!!!

Make sure to tune inn to The Rasta Vibration Show tonight with Dj Irie Selecta on FCC Free Radio. We have a bunch of new singles and riddims to drop and Al Pancho will stop by to talk about his new music and upcoming shows! It all goes down 7-10pm(pst) Live in Studio 1A!

Replaying last weeks episode of “Man, OverBoard!” May 17, 2018

 Unfortunately, Tk Moyer tha Destroyer is feeling week so we are replaying the same episode from last week. Tune in next week for a new episode of “Man, Overboard!”.

The Vinyl Thought, Today Musician Kenny Thomas, Also we discuss Space Force/Solar Warden with guests

Today on The Vinyl Thought show we have musician Kenny Thomas in studio, during our entertainment segment, and in the second half, our conspiracy segment, we will discuss Donald Trumps “Space Force” and the fact this force may have already been in existence for decades now, known as Solar Warden. And as always, we will play some ol’ school songs.  So tune in with Joe Hughes and co-hosts Tiny Garcia and Yvette Fernandez

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