It time for giving thanks on the JMP

john_miller_program_graphic_showWell this is the podcast that John Miller and Ashly Russell with give thanks on The John Miller Program. John and Ashly will host Paul Brumbaugh, Greg Asdourian and Robert Hawkins.   This all starts at 6:00 PST only on FCCFREE RADIO.

Pub Crawl: Thanksgiving Special!

thanksgiving 2014That’s right, Crawlers. The Holidays are upon us and they MUST BE Celebrated. Well, all of you can help us do so by enjoying a brand new episode of ‘Pub Crawl’, the fastest growing show on the world’s largest internet radio station. We’ll be streaming live tonight out of studio 2b from 6-8 pm. Be sure to join Meredith, Spec, the Couch people, the regulars and special guests Bouncy and Jen as we fill the airwaves with unbridled insanity. You can take part by listening and/or calling in live at (415) 655-9246 or just catch the podcast when you feel like it through the fccfreeradio homepage, Stitcher or TuneInRadio. It’s just the first leg of the Holiday Season and we promise this won’t be a turkey. Check it out. What have you got to lose? C’mon down. We’ll save you a stool!

Leslie West of Mountain talks to Eddie Winters


You read that correctly! Eddie Winters speaks with Legendary Guitarist and Songwriter: Leslie West of Mountain!

You won’t want to miss this fantastic interview with a true rock legend. Eddie and Leslie chat about Leslie’s new album “Sound Check”, Jack Bruce of Cream, Sam Kinison, Howard Stern and a whole lot more…

Get your boots on because we are climbing!

Fish Burps: Episode 14: Questhuns (my keyboard just bit it’s tongue a little)

Silver CarsFish Burps episode 14 is up and ready to party! No it’s not. Episode 14 actually enjoys a nice cup of tea and reading the PennySaver out loud to telemarketers. But Episode 14 so wants  you to like it that Episode 14 is willing to experiment to see if that will convince you that it’s worth your time. Just give Episode 14 a chance, won’t you!?

Episode 14 is sorry it yelled. You don’t deserve that. You deserve better. Much, much better. In fact, Episode 14 is going to leave you alone. Episode 14 has some thinking to do; deep, soulful, emotional investigation to take on.

Tonight, Doug & Dan will try to remain friends throughout the entire show. That, really, is the only focus this evening. Doug has some things to discuss and so does Dan. Doug is sick so that will kill some time. And the boys introduce a new segment tonight called “Creative Segment Name.” So that will happen. How are you lately? How’s that rash?




M E T A L   G R O O V E   R A D I O 

On this ultra-groovy Episode of Metal Groove Radio​ we will smoke out the studio with a huge nugget of Corrosion Of Conformity​ and Brant Bjork​ with the Low Desert Punk​ Band !!! the show at Slim’s​ was so epic we will recreate some of the setlist and recap all the insane activities from the front rail. PJ Boston​ and Foze were all about it and even though it was a Wednesday night the JOINT WENT OFF !!!! Imac got jammed up last night and can’t get outta bed so Foze and PJ will hold down the fort…. so lets do this LIVE tonight at FCC Free Radio in the LEGENDARY STUDIO 1A !! Tune in from 6-8pm, or go crazy and give us a call if you want at 415-829-2980/ go ahead and friend me on Facebook (@PJ Boston or definitely “LIKE” Metal Groove Radio on facebook) or drop a tweet @realpjboston. And thanks again so much for all the support – our fans keep us going – we love you all !!!!         \m/ \m/



Roxy Roller & LUCABRAZZI joins us live 2nite on The Cool Lounge/6-8 PM/2B

roxy1On 2nite’s episode of The Cool Lounge, Roxy Roller is back and this time he brought his band!

Lucabrazzi is a 3-piece industrial heavy punk rock band from San Francisco’s Mission District. Formed in the summer of 2005 by lead vocalist and bass player Roxy, they have been burning up the west coast with their high-energy live performances ever since. Known by many as one of the hardest working bands in the Bay Area, they will often rev-it-up for 6 to 8 shows a month. We will catch up on the band with a live interview and they’ll play us some of their hit tunes!


Lucabrazzi is –
Roxy Roller (Bass & Lead Vocals)
Chris Albert (Guitar & Vocals)
Jim Swiller (Drums)


Musician, Chris Beauchamp & Comedian, Raymond Fiddler on The Edge !

Edge CrewOn Today’s The Edge of Insanity in FCC Free Radio‘s Studio 1A, 4-6pm.Paul Brumbaugh, Kitten Marie & Mistress Christine are joined by in Studio artists, Fresh off his tour of Europe, Scandinavia & the Netherlands…musician Chris Beauchamp. We are going to be playing a lot of LIVE Music & Covers today in Studio. Comedian, wood artist & all around cool guy Raymond Todd Fiddler. As both of these artists steps on to The Edge for the first time. The 420 SHOUTOUT! with Patrick Carlin as we see what he has in store for us today, it’s always a great conversation, then we SHOUTOUT someone, something.. then play a little bit of Patrick’s little brother George Carlin. Paul pulls out his PRIVATE STASH of Classic Vinyl with music from The Doors, Talking Heads (official), Traffic, Margaret ChoPatton Oswalt & Jim NortonJoin in on the party by calling in on the 5:05 O’Clock call in at 415-829-2980

Download this & every webisode of The Edge.

Brumbaugh’s humor along with Kitten Marie & Mistress Christine’s unique perspective on the local comedy scene with a variety of interesting guests will keep you on the edge of your seat wondering where they may go next. Stayed tuned to keep your finger on the pulse of what people are already calling a road map to entertainment in The City! Ready to conquer the world & beyond, 1 Sunday at a time!

Sundays from 4 – 6pm
 Studio 1A


Reggie Shorter, Brady Hold, GZ DaFoolish, David Stolowitz, and Mama Foolish – Here’s Why That’s Funny

TOHWTFtreemutherfuckinghuggerDAY on Here’s Why That’s Funny – If you’re wondering why The Doctor is feeling so odd, it’s because she LITERALLY CAN’T EVEN WITH ALL THESE AMAZING GUESTS. Literally. Can’t. Hold on, give me a second. I need to calm myself down.

The Doctor will be sitting down for one of her most ambitious episodes yet, with a house of more comedians than there are microphones. Reggie Shorter is here and he has a license to kill you with hilarity. He’s bringing with him standup comedian and friend of the show David Stolowitz, who is just a peach and so freaking funny. And for the third consecutive week we will be welcoming GZ DA FOOLISH! And that’s not all! GZ is going to be bringing by his absolutely hilarious and lovely mother, MAMA FOOLISH! We’re going to have to rename this show OJ Simpson because it’s so killer.

Download all episodes online at FCC Free Radio, San Fransisco’s #1 internet radio station, but make sure you listen live at 2pm today, because you are NOT going to want to miss this.

The Doctor is in today at 2pm, Studio 1a, only on FCC Free Radio. #careaboutyou #thinkyourespecial #TheDoctorisIn #MamaFoolish

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Lilycat on Stuff- take candy from stranger

zombie-cat-lilyHello Sweeties

This Sunday we will have back the delightful and funny cast and crew of “Strangers with Candy- Christmas Show”… to promote their December show at the Exist Theater, play drinking games, and give bad advice….

Sundays – Lilycat on Stuff – 1 A studio -12 -2PM