Radio Ha Ha Thursday with guest David Schendel – Cobb’s documentary!

Radio Ha Ha this Thursday with your hosts Danny Dechi and Rebecca Ward! Guest David Schendel discusses his documentary about Cobb’s Comedy Club! Radio Ha Ha every Thursday, 4PM to 6PM (PST) – Worldwide online podcast, listen live or any time. Live Studio Line: (415) 655-9246

Funny sketches and songs will keep you entertained during your commute, or whatever else you’re doing. (I don’t need to know.)

We got plenty of Ruby & Love on #PMUR!

140409 PMURIt’s time for another edition of Pick Me Up Radio.  Unwind a bit, before you start thinking bad thoughts about your boss!

Crazy guests, both live & call ins!  Plus, comedian Ruby Gill & Nicole Love bring the funny to PMUR!

Anthony MedinaRon Chapman & Gloria Magana are up!  We love Thursdays & you should too!  It’s Thursday, Pick Me Up Radio! Get picked up!!  Call in too (415)829-2980. Studio 1A

All PMUR are produced by True Hustle Entertainment.


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Not Safe For Work – News Your Boss Is Afraid Of

This week Jeremy Talamantes joins Rory and Jay to make the funnies on the podcast.  This show is sure not to be safe for work or really any environment.  Listen live 6-8pm PST in Studio A1 or enjoy the podcast anytime.JTalamantes_02_NSFW

The Unbound Sound Show 5th Anniversary Special!!!

Phil_Radio_Kenny2Join us tonight from 8-Midnight (maybe) in Studio 1A as the mighty USS celebrates 5 YEARS on the interwebs.

We’ll be joined by a cast of characters (hopefully) from bands and performers who have been friends of the show since its inception. We’ll reflect on their first appearances, check in on what they’ve been up to recently, and as always, play a ton of music. If nobody shows up, well, I’ll just play some tunes.

Either way, it’ll be a celebration (even if it’s a party of one).

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The Bob Benson Show

bob bensonPlease join me and my cohost Paul Slade for a Very Special Show Today from 4 to 6 pm PDT  out of Studio 1A.  Find out what a Cyborg Anthropologist is with Maraya Karena who is also a Writer/Performer.  And there will be Comedy, Stupid Stuff, and Sports!  Call in at 415 829 – 2980 after Maraya’s appearance!

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Step Ya Game Up Radio tonight from 6-8pm/Studio2B




Step Ya Game Up Radio is back on FccFreeRadio! Tune in every Wednesday from 6-8pm in Studio 2B…. We have great music and off the wall topics each week. There is never a dull moment when we are on the air…….


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Trak Addix Radio 7-23-2014

skeptical TAR


8-10 pm,, studio 2b. Or, you can listen on your smartphone, on Tune In Radio app. Just search fcc free radio, then select studio 2b. Leeeegggggooooooo! Also, if you have some good material, or a new project that you’d like to promote…shoot it. Email [email protected], and I’ll make some room for you.

Tune in, Let’s get it!



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Geekline -What would your dream startup business be? -Without the factor of money?

geekline_bannerGeekline is every Tuesday 8 – 10 pm in Studio 1A. Coming off of last week where the host was flying solo and played local music and comedy from his personal collection. We now return to the regular programming. We have discussed the idea of dream geek jobs or what would your dream business (for profit) would be, but on tonight’s episode… the host Sundance and the party, Tinknocker, Trunkmonkey, and the Dm With No Name now debate the idea if you could, what business would you start where you didn’t have to worry about turning a profit? This time it’s ALL for the want of it. The headache of money is taken out of the question. Listen in and just maybe YOU might get an idea?

Ash Tuesday 4-6 p.m. in Studio 2B

ash tuesdayTune in to Ash Tuesday, 4-6 p.m. PST in Studio 2B at This week’s show is all about Oakland fashion magazine Wear Your Voice. I’ve been writing for Wear Your Voice since March and am so excited to wear my voice in the studio with editor/founder Ravneet Vohra and fellow writers Gina Goldblatt and Liz Innes. We’l be discussung all things Oakland and fabulous. I’ve even convinced them to participate in the karaoke funtest because I am nothing is not charming and persuasive.  Download the TuneIn radio app and search for “Ash Tuesday” or visit and listen to the Studio 2B stream 4-6 p.m.. Ashes, ashes, we all fall down, so here’s to getting back up.