LIFTED Thursdays! Radio Show with DJ Romestallion and Yazzy

img_3965IT’S THURSDAY PEOPLE!!! Join DJ Romestallion and Yazzy tonight as they premiere DJ Romestallion’s new single “#LiftOFF” featuring Kurtanz and AB of YH produced by Awggy Dz! Also, there might be some special guests coming through to the show to tell you about some of their projects as well! Yazzy will be delivering all the latest news and gossip for your listening pleasure and where you can follow her on her social media! Tune in from 8pm-11pm (PST), sit back, relax, roll up, and LIFT TF OFF with the best crew!

Radio Ha Ha with guest comedian Trey Garcia!

Radio_HaHaRadio Ha Ha

Worldwide Podcast with hosts Danny Dechi & Rebecca Ward.
Guest comedian Trey Garcia, plus funny music!
Listen live or any time.
Keeping you entertained during your commute, or whatever else you’re doing. (I don’t need to know.)

Live Every Thursday – 6PM to 8PM (PST)

Not Safe For Work – Guest: Tom Fritsche, Mike Spiegelman, and Zorba Jevon Hughes

nsfw-keyboard-sqTonight!  NSFW Radio will offend anyone within ear shot.  Play this on all the open computers in your favorite store, then play it on all the computers in you least favorite store.  Set it as the homepage for all your friend’s computers.  Download all the episodes to flash drives them leave them in public restrooms.  Post the link on your family memebers’ Facebook pages!  Be proactive!!!  We will piss you off by taking the wrong side history on topics like Trump suing women over pussygate, Blacks for Trump, Rocky Horror, Prop V, Prop 64, The Red Pill movie, Nintendo Switch, Safe exchange zones, veterans bonus recall, Tila Tequila, the importance of mushrooms, PTSD, legal highs, and little uncle wayne.

Live 6-8pm PDT in Studio 1A

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GEEKLINE – TV Trilogy pt 2

geekline.jpgTonight’s episode… Geekline expand it’s TV themed episode from last week into a trilogy. No telling what favorite lost TV themes will come up tonight with some other music thrown in. Why not take a listen and remember your favorites?

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UNEEK RADIO Season2 EP.3 “C’est La Vie” 10.25.16

uneek Uneek Radio Season 2 Ep.3 “C’est La Vie” (That’s Life!) DJ Kween Uneek took last week off because “Shit Happens” and sometimes, you just need a break from reality and radio! But, She’s back with Co-host Netty Net and Special Guest Teresa Kimbrough from  Whenever they get together it turns into a wild party at the “World Famous Studio 2B on FCCFREERADIO”. Tune in  as they talk about the juiciest, hottest, most controversial topics! (Michele’le story, is most definitely a topic we need to touch!) We also have some announcements  for  upcoming events going on in  the Bay Area & Beyond!” Life is what you make of it!”. BTW…(This Episode is dedicated to those who have passed away, those who have lost someone special in their lives & those who are celebrating a birthday for the month October.) On the second hour, we have Bay Area Comic Legend & Promoter Tony Sparks & Kiko Briez from Local Folks coming in to talk about their Canned Food Drive event “Jive Turkeys” a Stand Up Comedy Jamboree featuring Kaseem Bentley on November 4th at IL PIRATA in SF. And Tonite’s Featured Up & Coming Artist is thee Talented and Beautiful Singer/Songwriter (Vanessa) “HENAO” blessing our air waves with her new song “Till We Blow”. Eclectic ambience, contagious emotion, & rhythmic versatility all are quite fitting when describing this Houston Native. This indie pop songstress delivers all of the above & more on her debut EP, “Interlaced”. With multifaceted personality, HENAO paints a vivid picture as she navigates through her journey of feelings, confusion, & liberation. Traveling back and forth to Los Angeles, HENAO collaborated with music producer Jesty Beatz to create a musical diary inspired by the essence of nostalgia. Airy atmosphere, bass heavy drumbeats & futuristic electro synths all work together as they serve the roots for her Debut. A roller coaster indeed,”Interlaced” is sure to leave you in your feelings. So Tune In, Lay Back, Kick It and Enjoy The Ride!!! UNEEK RADIO is Taking Control of the Airwaves Locally And Globally!

NEW Show! Tap in to the FIRST Hella Positive Show

fcc-version-hellapositiveshowEbrahim Leri of Hella Positive hosts The Hella Positive Show, a weekly podcast talk show at FCCFREERADIO.COM, every Tuesday from 6pm-8pm.

The Hella Positive Show serves as a voice and platform for  The Hella Positive movement to bring people together to discuss positive ideas, culture, community, and art in the bay area, while having a good time! We aim to inspire and educate people on the benefits of staying HELLA POSITIVE.

Whether we inspire people by handing out free stickers, by spreading positive messages, or by rocking the brand, we aim to put positivity into your hearts, your minds, and into the worldwide community. Visit to learn more! Follow us on IG: @hellapositive

Pub Crawl: Carry On!

Image result for prohibition era images

Well, we’re back at it.  The whole gang is here and banging to get on.  Some old faces might show up, some old shows might face up, or we might all just end up face down sleeping in puddles of our own making.  But no matter, we’re sure to have a swish time all while the world continues on its own spinning way with us just trying to catch it up.  What does all this mean?  It doesn’t matter. What does any of it mean?  Sure.  Join us! We are Pub Crawl, the “Pillocks of the Community.”

Godfrey’s Pub Crawl: part bar, part radio show, parts unknown.  Featuring Meredith, our “Bartender to the Stars” and her gaggle of misfits, malcontents, ne’er do wells, loons, functional alcoholics and anyone with enough bad sense to call in and join the fun.  Just like your local tavern, we’ll be talking to- and behind the backs of- interesting people from all walks of life, all while we pour drinks from our bottomless fountain of genteel indignation.  so grab a stool and belly up ’cause the bar is set, low… REAL low.

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Eddie Winters Interviews Jack Russell of Great White & More…

russell1bEddie Winters dishes out another exciting episode of America’s favorite rock and roll podcast! This week, Eddie gets the chance to catch up with iconic singer of the band Great White, Jack Russell.

Jack Russell’s Great White will be releasing a brand new album and are playing some upcoming dates and Eddie Winters can’t wait to hear all about. Have a listen for yourself.

Also on the program, Barry “The Stallion” Streib, Atlanta “Bad Boy” Pietro DiGennaro and more!

Kinda Live with Albert and Kelly

Big Buddha LiveIt’s another episode with Albert and Kelly.  These two have nothing but a fun chemistry that compares to a pair of ACME characters!!  If you haven’t heard these two in action, you are missing a common brain cell known as non-toon!!  That just means you haven’t tuned in!!  Here’s your chance. Do it!!  You’ll love me for it!!

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