Relation Shipwrecked

13010897_10208513783035103_9216806051211471081_nGina Gold is an African American Jewish humorist, filmmaker and stage artist. She grew up in a New York neighborhood thinking oy vey was something all Black people said. At the age of 13 she attended the American Academy of dramatic arts and later wrote her own one woman shows before venturing into filmmaking. She now has a storytelling show called TMI Storytelling and TMI: Sex Worker Confidential.

Today she will be telling stories and chatting with her cohost Prissy Wade and Gary Wade who feature at TMI. Prissy will be talking more about being raised in the religion called Plymouth of the Brethren and her experience growing up as a deaf person who did not know that she was deaf. We will also review TMI sex worker confidential with  Nina Hartley and Carol Queen as well as discussing tonight’s show at Geoffreys inner circle in downtown Oakland TMI: Relation Shipwrecked at 8pm.

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