self-pleasuring, sacred BDSM, erotic fine art, and Lewbari bondage on tonight’s Sexploration with Monika!

You’ll dive right in to the pleasurevolution with tonight’s episode of Sexploration with Monika…
Bombgoddess Melissa Hall will discuss the Femvolution & her all-grrl Self-Pleasuring Soiree where women explore their own bodies and sexual power in a safe shared space breaking down the sex-negative/pleasure-negative shame connected to ‘masturbation’ The focus is on connecting more deeply with the self, expanding erotic energy, challenging shame & ‘privacy’, and unleashing female sexual radiance! Francesca Gentille & Tim Emert’s class the Art of Sacred BDSM & Essence (with sacred collaring ceremony) is all about exploration of light (flowing, Tantric) and Dark (impactful, Ceremonial) sexual power & surrender, sensation & inspiration. Erotic Oil Painter Nancy Peach’s will push the line between erotic art & porn with her larger than life oil porn stars, & Japanese rope bondage meets BoundnDetermined rigger Lew Rubens for the Lewbari Bondage Party & weekend of classes at supperclub in June. Our Token Straight Guy will the Rock & Roll Nurse of BACKSPINS, Wednesdays 6-8PM! Listen Live 8-10pm Pacific.


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