FCCFREE RADIO is home to over 100 hours of original LIVE content that comes out of the plush studios in the SOMA District of San Francisco, but from time to time we take to the road…..

Here you will find FCCFREE RADIO on LIVE Remote. We are in clubs broadcasting music and comedy all the time.

On Your PC or Mac

Click below for the live feed of the “FREE”


On Your Smartphone

Now streaming to Smartphones on all 3G networks using Tune Wiki. Just look under ShoutCast Radio for FCCFREE RADIO.

So you can take FCCFREE RADIO with you anywhere…..

How To Play FFR In Your Car!

If you have a smart phone with an internet connection (Blackberry, Droid, IPhone Etc.) You can play FCC Free Radio thru your car stereo!! Just purchase a Jupiter Jack or something similar. They range from $10-$50. They basically plug into your phones head phone jack and then thru FM Frequency, broadcasts to your car stereo. Of Course you need to download the App “Tune Wiki” (Which is FREE!!). Once you do, search for FCCFREE RADIO, click and boom!! FCCFREE RADIO IS IN YOUR CAR! It’s cheap, super easy to do and has great audio!

Check this website out.

We have been testing for about 2 weeks now blasting FCCFREE RADIO and in my opinion, the audio is just is good as satellite and it cuts out less!

and IT’s FREE… unlike satellite!

John Miller
Founder and General Manager, FCCFREE RADIO

Download Audio Players for “FREE”

Windows Media Player
X Multimedia System

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