The Verve Show

verveHosted By: Malcolm Grissom

Sundays from 2 – 4pm

Studio 1A

Listen to The Verve Show to learn more about your favorite actor, musician or comedian.  The Verve Show is an interview talk show that celebrates the uniqueness and diversity in theater, music and comedy.  Comedian Malcolm Grissom asks probing questions that fans aren’t likely to hear elsewhere.  Past guests have included: Actress/Director Joya Cory, Comedians Marga Gomez and Joe Klocek, and Blues musician John Nemeth. Aside from our informative interviews, we feature historical trivia, music from a wide variety of genres, and comic skits.  Also, The Verve Show features a relationship advice segment with Dr. Brian King called “On The Couch With Dr. Brian”.

The Verve Show Podcast

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