Not Safe For Work – talk show for the socially inept

NSFW getyaThis week on Not Safe For Work myself and the Mystery Co-Host will discuss hot topics if the Mystery Co-Host shows up.  He is not really a mystery, it’s the same guy who has been co-hosting.  He just wants me to call him Mystery Co-Host because he is paranoid about his name being posted online in association with this show since I am determined to tell people the truth!  You can watch The Giants and listen to NSFW at the same time!  But if you are interested in this you probably don’t care about sports.

Live in Studio A1, Wed 6-8pm PST.  Or enjoy the recording any time.

The Audra Show


Episode #12: Thank you so much to Alec Bash for a great chat about the state of politics in America, the mid-term elections, Ready for Hillary and whether or not the Koch brothers can be considered sociopaths. Shocking spoiler alert: For me, it’s a definite yes!

To help with the progressive push for the last weekend before election day:

To help the Koch brothers/conservative push: http://helptakemoneyoutofyourownpocket (or something, you might want to double check that)


The Unbound Sound Show!!!

Phil_Radio_Kenny2Tonight, on a very SPECIAL mighty USS from 8-10pm in Studio 1A, we’ll be talking all things Rockbar Theater in San Jose.

Our good friend Jimmy Arceneaux, the talent buyer for the Rockbar Theater will join us to talk about the venue’s inception, it’s proposed impact on South Bay music, and about the upcoming shows – specifically the “Demon Rockoff” guitar battle happening on Halloween. I’m sure we’ll talk about cats at some point as well.

We’ll also be joined via phone from L.A. by our friend (and awesome drummer) Chris Moore. He’ll be playing drums in the “Demon’s Band” for the aforementioned guitar battle and his bandmate from Endangered Species, Craig Goldy (ex-Giuffrida and Dio) will be one of the judges.

We’ll also be playing a TON of music from some of the upcoming shows. This will be a show not to miss so tune in!!!

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Tonight on Step Ya Game Up Radio Live in Studio will be Nio Tha Gift 6-8pm Studio 2B

photo-4 copy

Tonight on Step Ya Game Up Radio we have a special guest in the studio Nio Tha Gift talking about his brand new project “Luxurios Ghetto” they released on itunes yesterday!!!

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The Bob Benson Show

bob bensonPlease join me and my cohost Paul Slade for another Stupendous Show Today 4 to 6 pm PDT from Studio 1A – there will be Comedy, Stupid Stuff, Sports and More with Special Guest Flashback Dave – You can call in at 415 829 -2980!

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Trak Addix Radio 10-29-14


Trak Addix Radio is on tonight, live from The Motherland…San Francisco. Tune in at 8pm, in studio 2b. Damn near 2 hours of new music, fuCkery, and maybe a guest or 2.


8-10 pm,, studio 2b. Or, you can listen on your smartphone, on Tune In Radio app. Just search fcc free radio, then select studio 2b. Leeeegggggooooooo! As usual, if you have some good material, or a new project that you’d like to promote…shoot it. Email [email protected], and I’ll make some room for you.

Tune in, Let’s get it!



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Geekline – Studio 1A. 8 – 10 pm every Tuesday.

geekline_banner Geekline. Tuesday 8 – 10 pm in Studio 1A. Tonight’s episode…. geek dick moves. Yes you heard that right, geek DICK moves. Who said a geek always has to be a nice guy? The host Sundance and the party, Trunkmoney, Tin Knocker, DM and guest host, Eventeen will get to the dirty side of the geek and who other than to know geek dick moves than super special guest, Adam Lash, who has written for National Lampoon AND has appeared on the daily show. Adam will be calling in after the intro and join in the entire conversation,….wherever direction it goes. The host will be sure to finish out the show with some comedy and music from local San Francisco Bay Area bands.

Ash Tuesday 4-6 P.M. in Studio 2B

ash tuesdayOn today’s Ash Tuesday, we have returning karaoke stars Ruby Gill and Aram Carney. We will be doing lots of singing (including a karaoke first: an a cappella karaoke song from me if I don’t chicken out), presumably lots of laughing and hopefully at least a little bit of fun. We’ll also be ending early because it’s Game 6 of the World Series and this is San Francisco, and duh, I want to watch the Giants cream the Royals. Remember, ashes, ashes, we all fall down, so here’s to standing back up. #radiofun

Pub Crawl: Halloween Special!

halloweenOoohhh… SCARY boys and girls! That’s right. It’s time for another brand new episode of ‘Pub Crawl’, the fastest growing program on the world’s largest internet radio station. We’ll be streaming live tonight from 6-8 pm out of studio 2b. Come join Meredith, Spec, Derek, Kyle and a casting couch full of special guests as we celebrate ourselves, the UNDEAD! You can enjoy the show by listening and/or calling in live at (415)655-9246 or just check out the podcast at your leisure through the fccfreeradio home page, Stitcher or TuneInRadio. Think you’re scared now? Wait ’til you tune in. On radio, EVERYONE can hear you SCREAM! We’ll save you a stool!