Prog, Psych and Experimental and More Random Stuff!

-1Hello hello!

Lisbon Outernational is back this week for more weird commune and cult music, experimental, psych rock and prog. Hightlight bands are prog-folk outfit Comus, Gentle Giant, Eternal Tapestry, The Pentangle, and classic nuggets of the golden era!

This afternoon from 1pm to 3pm!



Part 31: Classic R&B & Hip-hop

77spics 160After 2 weeks, Dj Bass 77 returns to The New Bass-ment to bring more classic R&B & Hip-hop.

In the R&B hour there will be songs from Al B. Sure, Bobby Brown, Regina Belle, SWV, Missy Elliot, Toni Braxton, The Jacksons, The Floaters, Aretha Franklin, Teena Marie, & James Brown.

In the hip-hop hour there will be songs from The Real Roxanne, Eric & Rakim, Three Times Dope, The Roots, 2Pac, Westside Connection, Q-Tip, C-Murder, Magic, Snoop Dogg, Candyman, EPMD, Redhead Kingpin & the FBI.

Dj Bass 77 will have commentary, news, & more so tune in at 10a-12p pacific standard time on




LIFTED Thursdays! Radio Show with DJ Romestallion, Yazzy and Special Guest Fuzz Jackson

unnamedTONIGHT Yazzy and DJ Romestallion take flight with special guest Hip-Hop artist all the way from Wilmington, North Carolina Fuzz Jackson to talk about his music, life and upcoming shows! Also, this Saturday catch Fuzz Jackson and DJ Romestallion at the “Strictly Positive” show along with artists DJ Vinny Ras, ATA, and Skinny the Kid out in Belmont at Chris’ New Harbor! So tune in tonight and LIFT OFF!!! #LiftedThursdays! #FOFM #StrictlyPositive #Belmont #ChrisNewHarbor #LiftOFF 💯


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Tonight on RocksteadyReggaeRadio, Saane, The Servants, Junior Toots, & Tickets!

11140126_561581554804_1576702276642273188_nTONIGHT on Rocksteady Reggae Radio we have guests SAANE in studio at 730pm, THE SERVANTS callin at 815pm, then performing at this weekend’s FYAH ON THE WATER FESTIVAL we have JUNIOR TOOTS in studio 9pm! Plus we are giving away tickets to CALIFORNIA ROOTS MUSIC FESTIVAL for Friday & the ALOHA IN DA BAY shows! Tune in & Turn up tonight 7pm-10pm LIVE Studio2B or on TuneIn Radio phone app! BOOOOM!


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Radio Ha Ha Thursday with guest comedian Matt Gubser!

Radio Ha Ha this Thursday with your hosts Danny Dechi and Rebecca Ward! Guest comedian Matt Gubser! Radio Ha Ha every Thursday, 4PM to 6PM (PST) – Worldwide online podcast, listen live or any time. Live Studio Line: (415) 829-2980. Funny sketches and songs will keep you entertained during your commute, or whatever else you’re doing. (I don’t need to know.)

The Audra Show

audrashowThe Audra Show. We’re just sitting around chatting about the things that people chat about when they’re sitting around chatting.

Episode #32: Thank you to my friend/former co-worker Mark Salazar for coming on the show to chat about growing up in Hawaii, fighting with old ladies in Daly City, our disastrous work trip to San Diego, Shabu Shabu and what to do if you think you or someone you know has an issue with hoarding (for real). And for making me drink my first (and probably last) Bud Light Lime-A-Rita!


The Unbound Sound Show!!!

Phil_Radio_Kenny2The stomach flu can’t keep the mighty USS down for long. Join us tonight from 8-10pm in Studio 1A for some more incredible indie music.

Our first guests are a band out of Hollister called Kizmet. As first-timers they’ll get the usual USS treatment as we find out more about them. We’ll also be playing some tunes off their new EP :Death is a Blessing” AND, as an added bonus, they’ll play a couple tracks live in the studio.

Then, our good friends Major Powers & the Lo-Fi Symphony will make a return appearance. We’ll catch up with what they’ve been up to lately, play some tunes (don’t be surprised if you hear the “Sound of Music” or something), and talk about opening for Dread Zeppelin at the Rockbar Theatre on Friday night.

Another night of awesome music coming your way!!!

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The Bob Benson Show

bobbenson_bannerPlease join me and my cohost Paul Slade for another timeless show today – 4 to 6 pm PDT from Studio 1A.  Comedy, Stupid Stuff, Sports and More.   Please call in at 415 829 – 2980 to join the conversation!

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Geekline – Episode 52. Best/worst/greatest/memorable fighting game characters.

geekline.jpgTonight on Geekline…  In Studio 1A, 8 – 10 PM. This will be episode number 52! Where did all that time go? Time to give thanks to all the listeners, guest callers, hosts and everyone else that has made Geekline make it through it’s first full year. We will have the first hour with guest caller Adam Waite, designer /creator of the soon to be hot new cyberpunk type RPG, NEON SANCTUM, that can be seen on, joining in the topic… best/worst/greatest/memorable fighting game characters. And for the second hour, Ms Kae Oz from the podcast Sex Cells of Radio Valencia will be co hosting with Sundance rounding out the episode. Tune in everybody, it’s time to celebrate