The Cr’ass Nation Radio Show #17 Breaking Bad Special Edition.

By Mike Glendinning

It’s on! Come help PJ Boston, Tony Rolandelli, Dominick Rolandelli of the funny Youtube channel Dose Of Dom and me Mike Glendinning celebrate the 10 year anniversary of what some people call one of the greatest TV series ever made, Breaking Bad. I will be playing some of my favorite songs from the show, interviews with the actors, talk about […]

The Cr’ass Nation Radio Show #16 Happy Cliff Burton Day!

By Mike Glendinning

Lots of awesomeness today at The Cr’ass Nation Radio Show! Today we are going to talk a little about my hometown ( Castro Vally, CA) hero, the late great Cliff Burton from Metallica. Joining me will be fellow FCC FREE radio show host Luke Ryan Sauer “What’s Really Happening” on Sundays. Some of the good people […]

The Cr’ass Nation Radio Show #15. The Wyatt Act!

By Mike Glendinning

Guinevere Q is from the San Francisco band The Wyatt Act and she will be joining me from 2-4 PM PST. The Wyatt Act is a High-energy, experimental, psychedelic, transgressive, SlamRock band with influences from Weird Al, Amy Winehouse, Tower of Power, Rage Against The Machine, Cake, Primus, Frank Zappa and Mr. Bungle. So join me, Mike Glendinning, […]

The Cr’ass Nation Radio Show #12. Legalized Cannabis And Indie Music.

By Mike Glendinning

This Saturday Kevin Seal and I will be talking about music and also touching on the subject of legalized cannabis. More at

The Cr’ass Nation Radio Show #11. The Ghost Ship Tragedy.

By Mike Glendinning

Andrew Goldfarb and I will be talking about artist collectives. We will get call-ins at the FCC Free Radio station about the Ghost Ship tragedy and discuss the future of the Bay Area art community. More at

The Cr’ass Nation Radio Show #10. New Years Special.

By Mike Glendinning

On this special Cr’ass Nation Radio Show I am going to recap the last 9 episodes and talk about the future of the show. Joining me will be the Facebook Cr’ass Nation page hellraiser Mark Linkiewicz Jr and by phone Jay Skyler from the band Rock ‘N’ Roll Villain Society.  More info at      

The Cr’ass Nation Radio Show #8.

By Mike Glendinning

This is going to be a kid’s friendly episode. Joining me are comedians Danny Dechi, Rebecca Ward Kennedy, my wife Christina and my daughter Zoe. I will be playing a lot of silly Christmas music along with indie music from Dissinotra Dissinotra, Jepist Jepist, ET Traylor and James Geoffrey Parfitt Conrad. More stuff at

The Cr’ass Nation Radio Show #7

By Mike Glendinning

Join my guests Jethro Torrez, Marc Pop, Luke Ryan Sauer and I as we discuss theories of what would happen if everyone in the world farted at once on The Cr’ass Nation Radio Show. All that plus some of the finest indie music that Justin Bieber fans hate. Listen live Saturday from 2-4PM pst only on FCC Free […]

The Cr’ass Nation Radio Show #6

By Mike Glendinning

The Cr’ass Nation Radio Show is back for another afternoon of indie music and comedy. Joining me are musicians Vital Vessel, Rob Adam Jackson and Matthew Bordelon. More  music at

The Cr’ass Nation Radio Show #5

By Mike Glendinning

Joining me today is Andrew Goldfarb who is also known as The Slow Poisoner. If you have not heard him, he is an awesome musical storyteller. Rob Adam Jackson AKA Rob Adam Jackson is a man of many artistic hats with lots of experience to share. So Join us on Saturday 11/25 from 2-4PM PT. […]

The Cr’ass Nation Radio Episode 3.

By Mike Glendinning

I can’t believe it’s the weekend already. Tomorrow is a new Cr’ass Nation Radio Show and it’s going to be a fun one. Joining me is longtime friend and admin of the FaceBook page Cr’ass Nation 2 who is also a fellow musician Dean M Dent. Also shooting the shit is fellow FCC FREE Radio host Luke […]

The Cr’ass Nation Radio Show.

By Mike Glendinning

Welcome to another round of The Cr’ass Nation Radio Show. On this episode I am going to have fellow Bay Area musician Alex Jimenez hang out, listen to music while talking about the Bay Area Music Scene and Star wars Episode 8.

Episode 1 Of The Cr’ass Nation Radio Show With Host Mike Glendinning.

By Mike Glendinning

Welcome to the first episode of Cr’ass Nation Radio. On this show, we explore the bizarre and fun things that the world has to offer. Mike Glendinning shows you indie music and just strange things found on the net.

The Cr’ass Nation

By admin

Host: Mike Glendinning Saturdays from 2pm – 4pm Studio 2B An unorthodox music/talk show that grandma might disapprove of you listening to. Mike Glendinning brings the private Facebook group “The Cr’ass Nation” to it’s very own radio show of taboo music and silliness only a mother would love (Depending on the age of the mother). […]

The Cr’ass Nation Radio Show #13. Metal 101 With PJ Boston.

By Mike Glendinning

What a treat! PJ Boston, who hosts the show  Metal Groove Radio on FCC FREE Radio is going to hang out with Cr’assketeer Mark Linkewicz and I (Mike Glendinning) and play us some of his favorite metal and talk about the new rules and trends that are going on on social media. If you are an artist who […]

The Cr’ass Nation Radio Show #4

By Mike Glendinning

On The Cr’ass Nation Radio Show I will be hanging out with Luke Ryan Sauer, Vital Vessel and Gomer Hendrix. We might have a surprise or two along the way. So, come have a cheap laugh on me tomorrow Saturday from 2-4PM PT only on FCC Free Radio.

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