UNEEK RADIO Season 5 Ep.11 “GONE TILL NOVEMBER!” 11.21.17


DJ Kween Uneek pretty much been gone for the month of November. So it’s pretty obvious why she titled this episode “Gone Till November“. She’s back with Co-host Netty-Net from #RiseUpRadio & they are ready to shoot the breeze and play some good ass music for yall! Featured Artists on this episode #Gold Griffith, #Darling Nikki & 5ive Mics  from the #ATL . S0 LAY BACK, KICK IT AND ENJOY THE RIIIIIIIIIIDE!!! UNEEK RADIO IS ALL ABOUT SPREADING LOVE!!!  #HAPPY GOBBLE GIZZLE !!! BE SURE TO CATCH UNEEK RADIO EVERY TUESDAY NIGHT 10pm-12am (pst) LIVE STREAM STUDIO 1A on FCCFREERADIO!!


By:Wyclef Jean

Every time I make a run, girl, you turn around and cry
I ask myself why, oh why
See, you must understand, I can’t work a 9 to 5
So I’ll be gone ’til November
Said I’ll be gone ’til November, I’ll be gone ’til November
Yo, tell my girl, yo, I’ll be gone ’til November
I’ll be gone ’til November, I’ll be gone ’til November
Yo, tell my girl, yo, I’ll be gone ’til November
January, February, March, April, May
I see you cryin’, but girl, I can’t stay
I’ll be gone ’til November, I’ll be gone ’til November
And give a kiss to my mother
I had to flip nuttin’ and turn it into somethin’
Hip-hop turns to the future rock when I smash a punk
Commit treason, then I’ll have a reason to hunt you down
It’s only right, it’s rappin’ season
Yeah, you with the loud voice, posin’ like you’re top choice
Your voice, I’ll make a hearse out of your Rolls Royce
Besides, I got my girl to remember
And I’ll commit it that I’ll be back in November!!



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Pub Crawl: Your Last Reason to Live.

Tonight on Pub Crawl: I have it on very credible and reliable sources that tonight’s show is going to be something special. I’m not really supposed to go into any sort of specifics but if I were the sort of person who went around listening to podcasts I might just make some room in my schedule to listen to this one.  Or whatever.

Godfrey’s Pub Crawl,  part bar, part radio show, parts unknown.  Featuring Meredith, our “Bartender to the Stars” and her gaggle of misfits, malcontents, ne’er do wells, once-functional alcoholics and anyone with testicles (or congruent lady parts) enough to give us a ring.  Just like your local tavern, we’ll be talking to- and behind the backs of- interesting people from all crawls of life, all while we pour drinks from our bottomless fountain of genteel indignation.  So grab your stool and belly-up ’cause the bar is set low… REAL low.

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Fish Burps: Episode 108: [H]omage

The program features humor (hopefully), adult language (definitely), intervals of Dan & Doug loving and/or hating one another, complaining, adult themes, adults discussing TV show theme songs,  and Sara rethinking her decision to be a part of this. Listener discretion advised. But, jeez, we’re not your mom. Live your life.

Two life long friends, Dan & Doug, who can barely stand one another wax moronic about their lives, the world and other pointless endeavors. Doug & Dan almost never agree on anything but one of them is always right. Through their very different lenses they will dissect everything and try to figure out what the hell is going on, as if it matters. There will be lively conversations about many topics (TBA), arguments, tiffs, petty bickering, friendship, special guests, not so special guests, intelligence and stupidity. Plus, Sara DeForest. Sara joined the podcast because Dan and Doug wanted a mediator. Turns out that she is more of an instigator, teaming up with one host or the other and encouraging more bickering. Sara also offers a “fresh” perspective, meaning that she hasn’t seen M*A*S*H and is the target for Dan & Doug’s complaints about Millennials. But don’t worry, she doesn’t regret her decision to join the podcast at all. As their fan base grows, so will their power and influence. This will ultimately lead to an enormous fight [hopefully] on air about how to use their new found cache of cultural importance. Sara will use this power to convince her parents that she is in fact funny. Doug will want to use it to get more beer; Dan will want to use it to find the absolutely best pair of pants for his body type. Have a listen before things go horribly wrong.

AllBayAreaSports.com Aired 11/19/17 The Return of Richard “The Razor”


Hello, bay area sports fans. It’s AllBayAreaSports.com radio show.  Bay Area sports Magnified!! I’ve returned back from a long and arduous hiatus. I have a great show for you today. THE NINERS WIN!!! Can’t believe it but the 49ers get a win against the New York Giants! First, win of the season, and you should’ve have seen the 49ers locker room. A jubilant Kyle Shanahan with first-year GM John Lynch and the crew celebrating and for this team they deserved it. The Warriors lose to the Boston Celtics, but make up for it by beating the Philadelphia 76ers and the Brooklyn Nets. The Raiders fall to the New England Patriots 33-8 and are now 4-6 in the division. The Sharks get beat by the Boston Bruins. Basically, the city of Boston is just beating up our local sports teams. LaVar Ball’s son LiAngleo Ball is caught stealing in China. The President gets him out of China and feels that his father LaVar is not appreciative of what he’s done for his son. He even stated, “I should’ve left him there in China.” The Giants are trying to make a deal with the Arizona Cardinals for Giancarlo Stanton and bring him to San Francisco. As always there is never a dull moment on AllBayAreaSports.com. Bay Area Sports Magnified!!

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P J   B O S T O N  –  M G R   # 1 3 6  –  11.19.17

28 years ago this morning, PJ BOSTON woke up in the state of California for the very first time … today he brings you 28 STRAIGHT YEARS of BAY AREA METAL SHOWS on the legendary podcast METAL GROOVE RADIO …… from that first KING DIAMOND SHOW AT THE STONE on December 2nd 1989 right up to Last Tuesday’s FU MANCHU show at SLIM’S it’s been METAL METAL METAL for the past 28 years (and the next 28 with any luck) ………. IMAC and PJ will LET IT RIP ….. so tune in live TONIGHT at 6pm (PST) from the LEGENDARY STUDIO 1A in downtown SAN FRANCISCO …… thanks to all the GROOVED-OUT METAL-HEADS for continuously making us the number ONE music show on fccfreeradio.com ….. Go ahead and friend us on Facebook (@PJ Boston or Metal Groove Radio on facebook) or drop a tweet @realpjboston. And thanks again so much for all the support – our fans keep us going – we love you all !!!! \m/ \m/



Liycat on Stuff – the couple tht write together

Hello Sweeties

This Sunday, We will have Audrey Fielding, Author of Salento by 5 and her co-author and husband on. Will hear about the book and hear some of the book; and find out about how it is to write with your husband.
Plus we will talk about an upcoming burlesque show.

Sunday – 12- 2PM – Studio 1-A

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What’s Really Happening?

Welcome to another episode of the What’s Really Happening Show!! Join me your host Luke “Walgreens” Sauer and my co-host today Andrew Pacheco Iar. We’ve got some great guests for you today. Annie Bacon will be in the studio playing some of her latest music. We will also be joined by rapper YDMC, with him will be 3-Headed Dragon, Maq Steez and Madman of RDV. Stella Tatola will come by to tell us of an event coming up. Another very awesome thing, Essence Goldman will be joining us.

S1:E8 – Cam Leaupepetele

The Faika Podcast is Brought To You By PolyByDesign

Faika is the podcast arm of the social media organization PolyByDesign.   Hosts Carl Johnson Annette Fiso-Moli broadcast live from FCCFREERADIO.com on Sundays from 10am – 12 Noon in Studio 2B.

Join us on November 19th as we sit down and talk to in-studio guest Cam Leaupepetele.  Cam is a mover and shaker in the effort to provide services and guidance to the youth in the San Jose area.  Listen in as Cam walks through is involvement in such organizations as “CamCamp” and events like “Back To School Free Haircuts” and the hugely successful “Toys Drive“.  Cam will talk about his involvement with the growing hip-hop music label “454 Life Entertainment” that stables hit rap artists like Tai, Nump Trump and Drew Deezy.

Listen in to the Faika podcast to hear everything from world-stage topics to local Bay Area issues and everything in between.  No issues are off-limits.  Anything and everything is fair game.  Catch a refreshing breath of fresh Pacific Island air.  COME FAIKA WITH US!



We will return next week with more treats and heat for the airwaves. Until then enjoy last weeks fire show. Hit us up on FaceBook, Instagram and twitter with your feedback. Until next week…..PEACE!

The Cr’ass Nation Radio Show #4

On The Cr’ass Nation Radio Show I will be hanging out with Luke Ryan SauerVital Vessel and Gomer Hendrix. We might have a surprise or two along the way. So, come have a cheap laugh on me tomorrow Saturday from 2-4PM PT only on FCC Free Radio.

Get Those Spliffs Ready!!!

Phantom Hi-Fi Soundz taking over The Rasta Vibration Show tonight on FCC Free Radio!!! Make sure to tune inn… 7-10pm California time….. www.fccfreeradio.com Live in Studio 1A!

3rd Axis Radio Thanksgiving 2017! Big Announcements! New Music X Interview with Avishade

What’s good!? hope you all will have a great holiday week and weekend! Kick it with us before you face your annoying family, we have new music by Cytek, Eminem, Playboy Carti, Lupine Asassin, and Avishade sits down with us for a live interview and exclusive stream for his new album ‘This World Called Life’ on sale now! Plus we have big announcements for the future of 3rd Axis.

Bridesmaid Horror Stories: November 16, 2017

POP QUIZ HOTSHOT: Are these lyrics to my favorite Selena Gomez song OR a description of how I feel about my amazing cohosts Elizabeth and Lori???

Can’t keep my hands to myself
No matter how hard I’m trying to
I want you all to myself
You’re metaphorical gin and juice

BOTH YOU BALLBAGS!!! Elizabeth is back from old folks HQ aka Boca Raton, I have a raging case of camel toe, and Lori drank a smoothie this morning (I think?). Tune in for another award winning installation of our show. Award winning.

The Vinyl Thought, today: Nashville recording Artist, Erica “Sunshine” Lee

Today on The Vinyl Thought, we talk with Nashville Recording artist, Singer, Song Writer, Erica Sunshine Lee from the recording studio. And in the first half of the show we visit with Comedian, Sandra M Risser (a finialist in the The World Series of Comedy). Tune in! with Joe Hughes and Yvette Fernandez. We will also be playing some cool Country rock from the days of Music On Vinyl
#Nashville, #EricaSunshineLee, #SandraRisser, #Worldseriesofcomedy, #VinylMusic, #countrymusic, #countryrockcrossover, #comedy, #joehughes, #yvetteFernandez, #fccfreeradio, #thevinylthought

Radio Ha Ha with guest comedians Jason Cole and Steven Alan Green!

Radio Ha Ha
Worldwide Podcast with hosts Danny Dechi & Rebecca Ward.
Guest comedians Jason Cole and Steven Alan Green, plus funny music from Dr. Demento, Weird Al, and more!
Listen live or any time.
Keeping you entertained during your commute, or whatever else you’re doing.
(I don’t need to know.)

Live Every Thursday – 6PM to 8PM (PST)

ECTO PORTAL #65 Betty and Barney Hill UFO Incident

ANTHONY ANDERSON and VERNA WILSON will explore the story of BETTY AND BARNEY HILL, an interracial couple from New Hampshire, that had the first ever ALIEN ABDUCTION in 1961 in the United States!  Did their story really happen as they say it did?  Are the vivid details of the aliens and their craft to be believed? Tune in and discover the whole story with us tonight! We also will present the PARANORMAL NEWS from around the world.

Not Safe For Work – Guest: Vahé Hove and Juan Medina

#NSFWradio host Jay Austin Graham presents dark news from bright people Vahé Hove, Juan Medina, and Tom Fritsche.  We answer questions like:  What was Donald Trump tweeting?  What qualifies as hate speech?  Who molested Corey Feldman?  What adds did Russians promote on Facebook?  Is Louis C.K. really that bad?  Are medical marijuana states in trouble?  Is alcohol worse for drivers than marijuana?  Why aren’t you on Gab?  Music from Primus, Tricky, and The Chemical Brothers

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