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We are the place for you, we have two studios in the heart of San Francisco at Civic Center. We are in the Historic Odd Fellows Building. We train you the hows and whys and give you a key, Our website gets over 800000 page views per month and in 2018 we served over 3 Million podcasts. Sense 2013 we have served over 70 Million pages of content. We are on your most favorite apps like iTunes, Stitcher, Tune In Radio and many others. We also have our own app in the app stores. Now we also broadcast on Facebook LIVE in 1080 HD. So if you have something to say we have the place with over 30 shows each week. The average show stays over 4 years and we have shows that have been with us sense we opened 10+ years ago. In 2015 Google called the station an “Iconic Staple of San Francisco” and a “Frontrunner in Internet Broadcasting”. So give the GM a call at 415-483-5855 and make a appointment to see what we have to offer! 
P.S We give discounts for early slots, 10 AM to 2PM show times Monday thru Friday.

Happy Hour With DJ Loot – 2/20/19 – “4Eva Us ENT”

Happy Hour With DJ Loot

Welcome to HAPPY HOUR WITH DJ LOOT!!!   Join DJ Loot from the World-Famous STUDIO 2B, as he plays lots of INDEPENDENT MUSIC spanning MULTIPLE GENRES, and more, from 4-6PM (PST)…….Special-guest KingDipp of 4Eva Us ENT will join us during hour two to talk about his music, label, and other fun topics. Be sure to visit www.djloot.biz, and to add DJ LOOT on all social-media platforms, @djloot916…….CHEERS!

Lightone Potcast – jointshow – uneek inda house

Joint show live – go team

UNEEK RADIO Season 9 Ep.8 “DA PLUG!” 02.19.19

UNEEK RADIO S.9 EP.8 “DA PLUG!” Tonite the Kween has a few Special Guests coming to the station. They are all artists from the Bay Area who will be performing at the showcase DJ Kween Uneek is having at El Rio in San Francisco on Friday (Feb.22). Uneek Radio is all about exposing talent and giving them a platform to express their creativity. Tune in as DJ Kween Uneek and her co-host CaliKoo chops it up with these local artists and plays their music for the world to hear! So lay back, kick it and enjoy the riiiiiiiiide!

FRIDAY – February 22 “EL RIO” 3157 MISSION STREET SF 10PM-2AM “MONTHLY LIVE SHOWCASE” Bay Area Artists can sign up!! Email: [email protected]


Follow Us On Ig: https://www.instagram.com/uneekradiosf

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The O.S.T. Show 2/18/19

The Opinionated Sports Talk Show
Your Boy Brian 
The O.S.T. Show is the  most controversial sports talk show on air. Its sports talk with opinions and facts!
Debate – Dispute – Controversy  
Follow me @YourBoyBrian25

San Francisco 49ers, what has to be given to land Antonio Brown
Raiders organization a mess
NFL settles with Colin Kaepernick Grievance lawsuit, what does that mean.
My top 5 “NFL ready” players coming out in the draft
Kyle Murray’s choice to play in the NFL

MLB: Harper and Machado watch
Bryce Harper and San Francisco Giants
Manny Machado meets with the San Diego Padres for the second time
Spring Training is on it way
Bruce Bochy plans to retire after this season

NBA: Kevin Durant wins All-Star MVP adding to his shelf
Why isn’t Steph Curry mentioned in GOAT conversations?
NBA All-Star weekend
Steph Curry doesn’t win 3 point contest, but still impresses 
Pelicans fire GM Dell Demps, why?
NBA Hall Of Fame finalist 

UFC: Francis Nganna knocks out Cain Velasquez in 26 seconds


Zee’z Yerba Buena #47

Happy Monday!!! Zee here taking the day off. Please enjoy last weeks show or look up some past shows and catch up on Zee’z Yerba Buena!! Be sure to tune in to next weeks show in Studio2B from 4-6pm! San Francisco native and local comedian Mike Evans Jr will be in the studio! He will be featuring at Tuesday’s Child on Wednesday this week Feb. 20th at Moonlight Cafe! Get your tickets right here!!! All this and more right here from the city by the bay at Fccfreeradio.com!!!


METAL GROOVE RADIO #195 – 2.17.19

METAL GROOVE RADIO‘s epic 195th show will have nearly 2 full hours of HARD DRIVING METAL spanning 5 decades and still going STRONGER and BIGGER than EVER !!!! …. buckle up, drop the clutch and HOLD ON !!! PJ BOSTON has been dropping the GROOVIEST METAL on FFR and the most popular music show on FCCFREE radio for over 4 YEARS !! so go ahead and LISTEN LIVE AT 6pm PST …… and of course thanks to all the GROOVED-OUT METAL-HEADS for making us the number ONE  show on fccfreeradio.com for 2016 AND 2017 !!….. Go ahead and friend us on Facebook (@PJ Boston or Metal Groove Radio on facebook) or drop a tweet @realpjboston. And thanks again so much for all the support – our fans keep us going – we love you all !!!! WHAT HEAVY METAL RADIO IS SUPPOSED TO SOUND LIKE \m/ \m/

Wreckless Intent 2-17-19

Isn’t TV the best!?

This shit is about to get Wreckless!!! Sup fockers!!! It’s Sunday and football season is over!! What else ya got better to do than join the Wreckless crew of Mike Glendinning, Jay Austin Graham, Jason Myles and Zee in Studo2B!!! Topics to discuss tonight will be all about the wall!!! From the Emergency Trump has called, to the emergencies we have right here at home, to the many americans going to Mexico for affordable health care! (or is it just to fix their selves up with plastic surgery. That’s a topic within a topic we’ll touch on as well.) We’ll also have Nis from The Nerv call in and shoot the shit with us! Be sure to check out their latest single Alternative Facts! It’s gonna be a great show so be sure to listen live from 6-8pm in Studio2B only at Fccfreeradio.com!!!

Lilycat on Stuff – Telling stories out of school

Hello kittens                        

This Sunday we will Diana Kelly author of  “The Sky Turned Green & The Grass Turned Blue:  Diane’s Story”
When Diane’s lover and friend, Jack, comes out seven years into their relationship expressing his well-kept secret desire to transition from male to female, Diane’s world turns upside down.  With little information to help answer the question ‘do I stay or do I go’, she searches for direction on her own.  Navigating the murky waters of the unknown that accompany the challenges of Jack’s changing persona, Diane is guided by love, loyalty, and a willingness to sacrifice.  Sharing her observations and reactions in this true story, Diane explores the underground world of BDSM, bondage/submission and sadomasochism, as well as, provides an intimate view into gay and lesbian lifestyles in her attempt to gauge what impact Jack’s changes might have to their relationship and to her own authentic self.   
 ….. So we will hear about that. T

Lilycat on Stuff
Sundays 12-2PM PST
Studio 1-A

FAIKA! S3:E7 – Journey 2 Empowerment

On March 1st PolyByDesign will facilitate Asian American Recovery Services acclaimed program “Journey To Empowerment” at 725 Price Street in Daly City. PolybyDesign team members Brit Afu (Utah), Nackie (Bay Area) and Carl (Bay Area) will facilitate the programming that evening and provide a unique viewpoint of what a role model can be.

Faika hosts continue attending two different classes in San Francisco. Nackie is attending both the City College of San Francisco’s “Oceania of the Arts” as well as the “Samoan Language and Culture” classes at the First Samoan Congregational Church on 26th street with Carl. They will discuss their progress and challenges.

To catch the show LIVE simply click on THIS LINK —- > “Listen LIVE!” from 10 to 12 Noon on Sunday February 17th. You can download the FCCFREE app or the TuneIn app as well. PolyByDesign will post a link to the showpage on our Facebook page as soon as the download is available; usually by 12:30 pm.

Live or on the DownLoad…..COME FAIKA WITH US!!

What’s Really Happening?

Tune in Sunday February 17th noon to 3 in studio 2b we’ve got lead singer from the band journey revisited Frank House coming thru. Journey Revisited is a band comprised of pro musicians performing all the hit Journey songs. I saw them live and they rock. No pre recorded backing tracks or digital vocal enhancements these guys are the real deal. They’ve hosted a lot of major fair stages and festivals.
JR will be featured at Vezer Winery: June 22, CA State Fair: July 22, Opera House, Roseville March 16, Swabbies April 13 with many more dates found at www.journeyrevisited.net and Journey Revisited Band on Facebook. Rock star, songwriter, guitarist, vocalist, etc.. Burnzi Inness from Kiss my frequency will be joining us in studio. Picture
alternative rock, psychedelic, jazz, blues, metal and pop . He’s got some cool stuff to say . Musician Frances Ancheta will be joining us and performing some songs. She’s from San Francisco and she’s got some acoustic folk and indie pop/rock for us. We’ll also have comedian/singer Rona Meleanek Watson joining us in the studio. Check her out at @RonaComedy. Rapper Mary Jane will be in studio as well. This should be a pretty badass show. in Mary Janes honor we will start the show off with Mary Jane by Rick james. I am your host Luke “Walgreens” Sauer. YOu can find me on insta at el_walgreens.

AllBayAreaSports.com On FCCFreeRadio.com Were Baaaaccckkk!!!

Welcome back to the FCCFreeRadio family and we got a lot to talk about today. It’s All-Star weekend in the NBA we have the Curry brother dueling for the 3 point shot title tonight. The Giants believe they are in the hunt for the Bryce Harper sweepstakes. The 49ers think they can land Antonio Brown from the Pittsburgh Steelers! The San Jose Sharks are in second place in the Pacific West division and I’m joined by long time 49ers Superbowl Champion and former ABC-7 Sports anchor Mike Shumann. It’s your Bay Area for sports and we are back on the scene. Remember folks it’s AllBayAreaSports.com Radio show Bay Area Sports Magnified!!!

B Side Mikey Show / Negative Sixxx / 2-16-19

This evening I’ll be joined by Sid Frankosky & members from NEGATIVE SIXXX! The world famous Studio 2B from 8-10PM (PST) is where this LIVE interview will go down. Go to www.fccfreeradio.com & CLICK the Studio 2B button on the top right & your in the studio live! This incredible Bay Area Band will open for a special show at the Oakland Metro Operahouse on 4/13/19. VIOLENCE is the Headliner along with my friends Nick & Cody Souza from HATRIOT. Sid & I have been trying to line this up for a moment with a lot to cover, so I’m fired up! I’ll play their debut EP for all of your ears holes, as well as some Violence & Hatriot, in order to fill this show with some sick metal tracks. Sit back for this mosh pit and enjoy! Catch the PODCAST at anytime if you miss this awesome show. Hit me up me on FACEBOOK @ Michael S Sojda or @ B Side Mikey Show! REMEMBER, Don’t Drink & Drive! Cheers… \m/

THE BORO DJs SHOW: 2/16/19

The Boro Djs set out every week to bring you the sounds your ears drums are waiting for. Playing any and everything from Hip Hop to Rock. Jazz to Punk and Soul to Salsa. Good music is good music. So join your host MightyL and the rest of the Family as they embark on a funky ride. Saturdays from 6pm(pst)-8pm(pst) on FccFreeRadio.com, studio 2B. Swing by and vibe. Sending you into the night….RIGHT!

The Rasta Vibration Show with Dj Irie Selecta

Tune inn to The Rasta Vibration Show tonight on FCC Free Radio! Got a bunch of new music to drop tonight and we will be running tracks off of The Abbyssians Lp “Forward” Tune inn 7-10pm(pst) www.fccfreeradio.com Studio 1A

Tune inn to The Rasta Vibration Show tonight on FCC Free Radio! Got a bunch of new music to drop tonight and we will be running tracks off of The Abbyssians Lp “Forward” Tune inn 7-10pm(pst) www.fccfreeradio.com Studio 1A

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Radio Ha Ha with with comedians Danny Dechi and Rebecca Ward!

Radio Ha Ha Worldwide Podcast with hosts Danny Dechi & Rebecca Ward, plus funny music from Dr. Demento, Weird Al, and more! Listen live or any time. Keeping you entertained during your commute, or whatever else you’re doing. (I don’t need to know.)

Live Every Thursday – 6PM to 8PM (PST)

Not Safe For Work – Guest: Jerrell Parker

#NSFWradio host J. Austin Graham presents dark news from bright people: Jerrell Parker, Juan Medina, and Tyler Owen Morris. Topics: Russian collusion, modern feminism, rideshare, drug trafficking, legalizing marijuana, and much more! Featuring music you need to hear from Secret Chiefs 3 and Insane Clown Posse.

Download this and every #podcast between live streams.

Join #DrugClub! Send us Dogecoin! Much Generous! – D9hUqLH9gz4iMy9TDq81XyVx7SMjcKqqQy

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Listen live Wednesday 6-8pm Pacific in FCC Free Radio Studio 1A

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