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Join me today on The OST Show as I talk about :
MLB’s winter meetings, NFL weekend review and more, NBA, Lakers, Warriors. A look at CFB Bowl games and a look at the 2019 draft class. Plus former Alabama football star, all American, first team All-SEC, NFL’s 1st rd #4 pick over all, Keith McCants. PLUS SOOOOO MUCH MORE!



METAL GROOVE RADIO IS BACK !!!! …. our 188th SHOW of EPIC GROOVY METAL goes down at 6pm PST tonight …. our good friend CHUCK HOWELL will swing by the station and DROP-THE-NEEDLE on some of your favorite tracks ….  so get your METAL GROOVE RADIO now …. and remember … JOHN MILLER HAS PIMPED OUT FCCFREERADIO WITH THE NEW SICK ASS “LISTEN LIVE BUTTONS” on the home page … it is stupid easy and, as always, you GROOVED-OUT METALHEADS are set up for the best metal radio listening experience available !!! SUNDAYS 6-8pm (PST) LIVE IN STUDIO 1A…. we would ALL like to thank EVERY ONE OF OUR FANS for continuously making us the number ONE music show on ….. Go ahead and friend us on Facebook (@PJ Boston or Metal Groove Radio on facebook) or drop a tweet @realpjboston. And thanks again so much for all the support – our fans keep us going – we love you all !!! \m/ \m/

Wreckless Intent 12-16-18

Wreckless Intent

Hello there folks!!! Wreckless Intent back at ya!!! Mike Glendinning, Jay Austin Graham and Zee in the house on this rainy Sunday in San Francisco! We’ll also be joined by our guest from last week, Jason! Topics for today are, voices of the yellow vests in France, is our 140 character format of social media causing us to over look and over simplify complex issues, and how has Christmas and holidays have changed over the years! It’s gonna be another kick ass show so be sure to tune in live from 6-8 PM in Studio2B only at!

The Underground Mayhem Podcast 12-16-18

Receiving praise from Brian Wilson,,  Goldmine magazine, and  Spotlight magazine it’s safe to say that Johnny J. Blair is a world-class performer. He was called “a white James Brown” by Brown’s legendary drummer, Clyde Stubblefield, worked and performed with Davey Jones of The Monkees and of all places I saw him perform at an open mic in Albany, CA. Johnny will be hanging out with me to talk about his experience and we will be also playing some new music of his. Be sure to check out my Patreon page at

The Underground Mayhem is now live on Sunday’s from 4-6PM PST.The Underground Mayhem Podcast tries to cover the music creators of yesterday, today and tomorrow. So, listen in and see if we have something for you. Join me,Mike Glendinning, live every Sunday from 4-6 PM PST by clicking here.  And be sure to check out the second podcast that I have with fellow FCCFREE Radio hosts Jay Austin Graham, And Zee Ziz called Wreckless Intent.

Faika! S2:E50 – The Samoan Fairfield Church

Lay Minister Raymond Ledoux of the Samoan Fairfield Church will be Faika’s guest this Sunday December 16th.  Listen in as he talks about his theological journey and the big Christmas event that their church is organizing this month.  DON’T MISS THE EVENT and DON’T MISS THIS EPISODE!

Brought To You By PolyByDesign

Community Activist Neo Ve’ave’a is coming off of his keynote address at Google headquarters this week and as many times before will be the color commentator to the hosts Nackie and CarlNeo is a multi-decade fixture in the Pacific Islander LGBTQ community and is always a positive influence.  He’s funny too so we keep him around.

Tune in live by going to FCCFREERADIO.COM and clicking on the “Listen Live 1a” button at the top right hand side of the page from 10 to 12 Noon.  Or download (DL) the FCCFREERADIO app and listen later.  PolyByDesign will post a link to the show page after 1:30 when the show becomes available.  Live or on the DL……..COME FAIKA WITH US!

What’s Really Happening?

Tune  in Sunday December 16 in studio 2b. I’ll have on comedian Nicole Eichenberg. Musician Remigio Pereira will be on and we’ll be premiering his new song. Also from citadel.. well and much more she’s got quite some knowledge on the kink scene Gem Wyn will be in the studio. Cohosting with me will be stella tatola. Let’s talk about Christmas, some sex, and some mental health. I am your host Luke “Walgreens” Sauer.  The point of me doing these shows are too hopefully meet Tom Hanks someday.

Lilycat on Stuff – Merry Xmas

This Sunday we will take a look at Christmas and what it means. The best way to not only to survive the holiday but really enjoy it.

Lilycat on Stuff
Sundays 12-2 PM
Studio 1-A

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THE BORO DJs SHOW: 12/15/18

Winter is upon us and it’s time for the Boro to heat things up. This eve MightyL digs into his bag of tricks and pulls out special treats for everyone. From new Hip Hop jams to old school sampled joints. We also have the Boro Djs (Skech2 and DJ Hendrix) dropping new mixes tonight for the holiday season. The show pops off tonight starting at 6pm(pst) on in studio 2B or catch us live on FFR’s free app found in your app store. So swing by and vibe out with your fam….CHEA!! We will send into the night, RIGHT.

The Rasta Vibration Show with Dj Irie Selecta

Tune inn to The Rasta Vibration Show on FCC Free Radio tonight! We will be dropping tracks off of Kabaka Pyramid’s new album “Kontraband” and a bunch of singles and riddims! It all goes down 7-10pm(pst) on Live in Studio 1A!!!

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Buck the System – count down to destiny

The former BTS had just Joe my co host. He was charming and plugged in to the world. He took his life. What is the meaning of life? Is that a big enough topic?

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Radio Ha Ha with with guest comedians Yogi Haris and Victor Moore!

Radio Ha Ha
Worldwide Podcast with hosts Danny Dechi & Rebecca Ward. Guest comedians Yogi Haris and Victor Moore, plus funny music from Dr. Demento, Weird Al, and more!
Listen Live Every Thursday 6PM to 8PM (PST) or Online 24/7. Keeping you entertained during your commute, or whatever else you’re doing. (I don’t need to know.)

The Bourbon Break – EP. 20: The “BROWN LIQUOR” Episode w/ Robert Collins (Encore)

We’ll be back at it next week.  Until then, enjoy this encore episode, of The Bourbon Break,  where Xave sat with Homie, Audiophile, Technophile and one of The Most Interesting Men In The World, ROBERT COLLINS, to discuss current events, BAY AREA shit, dude stuff, music and topics of the fuckery persuasion.  This episode’s music selections were from Goldlink, Wale, Radiant Child, Q-Tip, Mobb Deep and Stephanie Mills. 

For previous episodes, check out The Bourbon Break archives, by clicking on the Past Episodes button at:

Hope you enjoy the ride! Cheers!

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Ectol Portal #116 Strange Disappearance Of Kenny Veach

The disappearance of 47-year-old Kenny Veach remains unexplained. ANTHONY ANDERSON will explore this odd MISSING PERSONS CASE of a man who vanished from he Nevada desert in November 2014. Listen in on this bizarre tale of one curious man.

Not Safe For Work – Title Missing Since 2018

#NSFWradio host J. Austin Graham presents dark news from bright people Juan Medina and Tom Fritsche.  Topics:  Cluster headaches, e-sports, Marlboro marijuana, and much more!  Featuring music you need to hear selected by Tom Fritsche.

Download this and every #podcast between live streams.

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UNEEK RADIO Season 9 Ep.2 “LIVE YOUR LIFE!” 12.11.18

UNEEK RADIO Season 9 Ep.2 “LIVE YOUR LIFE!”  DJ KWEEN UNEEK wants to dedicate this episode to everyone who lost somebody special this year in 2018. No one is promised tomorrow & it’s important not to take each day for granted. Live, love, laugh and forgive! Always check on your loved ones and be kind to one another. 

T.I. featuring Rihanna

Hey, never mind what haters say, ignore ’em ’til they fade away
Amazing they ungrateful after all the game I gave away
Safe to say I paved the way for you cats to get paid today
You’d still be wastin’ days away now had I never saved the day
Consider them my protege, homage I think they should pay
Instead of bein’ gracious, they violate in a major way
I never been a hater, still, I love ’em in a crazy way
Some say they sold the yay’ you know they couldn’t get work on Labor Day
It ain’t that black and white, it has an area the shade of gray
I’m Westside anyway, even if I left today and stayed away
Some move away to make a way, not move away cause they afraid
I brought back to the hood, and all you ever did was take away
I pray for patience but they make me wanna melt they face away
Like I once made ’em spray, now I could make ’em put the K’s away
Been thuggin’ all my life, can’t say I don’t deserve to take a break
You’d rather see me catch a case and watch my future fade away

[Chorus: Rihanna]
You’re gonna be, a shinin’ star
In fancy clothes, and fancy car-ars
And then you’ll see, you’re gonna go far
Cause everyone knows, just who ya are-are
So live your life (AYY! Ayyy ayyy ayyy)
[You steady chasin’ that paper]
Just live your life (AYY! Ayyy ayyy ayyy)
Ain’t got no time for no haters
Just live your life (AYY! Ayyy ayyy ayyy)
No tellin’ where it’ll take ya
Just live your life (OHH! Ayyy ayyy ayyy)
Cause I’m a paper chaser
Just livin’ my life (AYY) my life (OHH)
My life (AYY) my life (OHH)
Just livin’ my life (AYY) my life (OHH)
My life (AYY) my life (OHH) just livin’ my life



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The John Miller Program w/ Ashly Russell is in the holiday spirit!!

This week myself and Ashly will have a guest back that has not been on the program in about 5 years or more, Burtis Cutler. He is a comic and a actor. Next Via phone all the way from Atlanta, long time friend and very funny guy Phil Perrier. Last but not least we will be talking with Daniel James Burke, he is the lead singer Flannel and the coordinator for a upcoming event “The San Francisco Camp Fire Benefit Show December 19th at the Great American Music Hall that FCCFREE Radio is a media partner. Also the will be on Facebook LIVE at the station Facebook page. This all starts at 6:00 PM. Just click on the Studio 1A button in the upper right hand corner.

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METAL GROOVE RADIO is back after last nights absolutely epic FFR Holiday Metal Show !!! our 187th Show will be what HEAVY METAL RADIO is SUPPOSED TO SOUND LIKE !! .. just us, doing our thing, talking about some STUNNING sets by DOORS TO NO WHERE, BURN RIVER BURN and the MIGHTY JACK SHAFT … man, last night ?? well, it was one for the ages and now we all need some sleep …… lets do this ….  PJ BOSTON will be ripping 2 hours of the best METAL … it all goes down at 6pm (PST) from the LEGENDARY STUDIO 1A in downtown SAN FRANCISCO …… Go ahead and friend us on Facebook (@PJ Boston or Metal Groove Radio on facebook) or drop a tweet @realpjboston. And thanks again so much for all the support – our fans keep us going – we love you all !! \m/ \m/

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