Zee’z Yerba Buena – Replay

Hello world!!! Zee’z Yerba Buena will be taking the day off! But please enjoy the many past shows by clicking the link! I’ll be back next week! Enjoy the holidays and thanks for being a part of Fccfreeradio!!!


METAL GROOVE RADIO #184 – 11.18.18

METAL GROOVE RADIO is back for our 184th EPISODE ….. so, pick yourself up …. dust yourself off and GET ON WITH IT !! life ain’t gonna wait till you’re ready and sometimes you get KICKED IN THE NUTS just in time to find out you GET KICKED IN THE NUTS AGAIN !!! we are fixing to get you all an update on LOU in PARADISE as nocal just EXPLODED and we will rip brand new SPACELORD and FULL TONE GENERATOR  along with some METALLICA, YIDHRA, NAZARETH, BURN RIVER BURN, DOORS TO NO WHERE, SABBATH, EXODUS, MACHINE HEAD and, of course a SHITLOAD MORE !! ….. BRB’s CHUCK HOWELL will join us as we get ready for the BIG fccfreeradio.com HOLIDAY BASH/METAL SHOW coming up December 8th in SAN FRANCISCO !! … and remember … JOHN MILLER HAS PIMPED OUT FCCFREERADIO WITH THE NEW SICK ASS “LISTEN LIVE BUTTONS” on the www.fccfreeradio.com home page … it is stupid easy and, as always, you GROOVED-OUT METALHEADS are set up for the best metal radio listening experience available !!! SUNDAYS 6-8pm (PST) LIVE IN STUDIO 1A…. we would ALL like to thank EVERY ONE OF OUR FANS for continuously making us the number ONE music show on fccfreeradio.com ….. Go ahead and friend us on Facebook (@PJ Boston or Metal Groove Radio on facebook) or drop a tweet @realpjboston. And thanks again so much for all the support – our fans keep us going – we love you all !!! \m/ \m/

Wreckless Intent 11-18-18

Google, Twitter, and Facebook have become less and less of a way to reach out to people. Now its more of a cyber dictatorship that changes algorithms without its user’s knowledge and places shadowbans on accounts for a list of reasons that some consider being a double standard. People are looking for other places to not only speak their minds but to also see what news is being hidden from them by the mainstream news sources. Zee Ziz is out of town but Jay Austin Graham and Mike Glendinning will be discussing what cool websites that are slowly replacing the giants. The biggest conspiracies that have rocked mankind will also be discussed. James Padula from The Padula Show will be calling in to offer his two cents.

So do tune in live from 6-8pm in Studio2B only at Fccfreeradio.com!


The Underground Mayhem Podcast-Mike Any Ryan Talk About The Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1

The Traveling Wilburys vol. one will be the focal point on this episode of The Underground Mayhem Podcast. Joining me for this is Bay Area singer-songwriter Ryan Voss. This is one of Ryan’s top ten albums and this is one of my bottom 10. Should be interesting.
Also, do you and your bandmates live far away from each other and your trying to keep the dream alive? We will discuss the pros and cons of that.
The Underground Mayhem Podcast tries to cover the music creators of yesterday, today and tomorrow. So, listen in and see if we have something for you. Join me,Mike Glendinning, live every Sunday from 4-6 PM PST by clicking here.  And be sure to check out the second podcast that I have with fellow FCCFREE Radio hosts Jay Austin Graham, And Zee Ziz called Wreckless Intent.
Also be sure to visit www.zoesteerrecords.com

Lilycat on Stuff – Wander in Cuba

Hello sweeties

This Sunday’s show will be all about things we are thankful for and thanking the people that make us happy and help us in life.  Also, we will hear Cuban music and stories and histories about Cuban from a wonderful Left Coast Writers in the anthology – “Wandering in Cuba: Revolution and Beyond”. The writers will be Cyndi Goddard, Linda Jue, and Anne Sigmon.

Lilycat on Stuff
Sundays 12-2PM  Studio 1-A





FAIKA! S2:E46 – For the Qultures


Brought To You By PolyByDesign

For the Qultures is “A podcast for the many cultures we hold as Pacific Islander Samoan Queer Bay Area natives.”  Hosts DannyBoy Ve’evalu and Bexx To’omalatai tackle forward edge topics head on with a refreshing rawness that many podcasts shy away from.  Dannyboy and Bexx are in studio with us as we bring give the listener an inside look at the two positive Pacific Islander Role Models that speak their truth episode after episode.

This episode marks a return to PolyByDesign and  Faika’s desire to highlight and promote Pacific Islanders that are moving our community forward.  We have rededicated ourselves to our brand image of focusing on individuals that are making our communities better and bringing their stories to you.

Tune in live by going to FCCFREERADIO.COM’s front page and clicking on the “Listen Live 1A” button in the top right hand corner of the page or download the FCCFREERADIO app or go to iTunes and subscribe.  Live or later, COME FAIKA WITH US!

What’s Really Happening?


Tune in Sunday Nov 18th noon to 2. Hey it’s been quite a week, I’ve bailed myself out of Facebook Jail twice and got a strike on my record with Youtube so I guess I am one bad mo fo. Ive got producer of diva talk hosted by Kelda IsDiva , James Earl-Rockefeller. The guy interviewed Denzel Washington also among other big things. Its also another cypher show with our what’s really happening show hip hop ambassador Robert Peralta aka Denero. He’s bringing another hip hop crew of his choosing some names supposed to be coming our Rahman Jamaal Mc ,Bobby Ice, Cap Zulu and others soon to be announced.

THE BORO DJs SHOW 11/17/18: Free Stylen’

The Boro Djs set out every week to bring you the sounds your ears drums are waiting for. Playing any and everything from Hip Hop to Rock. Jazz to Punk and Soul to Salsa, good music is good music. So join your host MightyL and the rest of the Family as they embark on another funky ride to free your soul. The funk is on starting at 6pm(pst) on FccFreeRadio.com in the world famous studio 2B. You can also check us out on FccFree Radio’s mobile app found in the IOS store. So slide on by and hang out wit your boy. CHEA!! This week MightyL jumps behind the tables and goes in.

The Rasta Vibration Show with Dj Irie Selecta

Tune inn to The Rasta Vibration Show tonight on FCC Free Radio! Dropping a bunch of new singles, Jugglin some riddims and playing tracks off of Mykal Rose’s new album “Healing of the Nation” It all goes down 7-10pm(pst) with Dj Irie Selecta Live in Studio 1A!!!

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Buck the System-with Angelia Alioto

Our first guest is full time comic Laura Hayden.  Our second guest is Former City Supervisor Alioto.
She’s a fighter for civil rights and great local government.

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“Man, Overboard!” and “3 Strikes” winner Billy Gaus November 15 2018

This Week on “Man, Overboard!” we are accompanied “3 Strikes Comedy Competition” Winner and up and coming comedian Billy Gaus. We’ll be seeing where his comedy style comes from as well as when/how he got into comedy. We’ll also be talking about current events, music, stand up, and everything else under the sun. Stay tuned!

Radio Ha Ha with guest comedians Elijah Howard and Jim Thirtyacre!

Radio Ha Ha
Worldwide Podcast with hosts Danny Dechi & Rebecca Ward. Guest comedians Elijah Howard and Jim Thirtyacre, plus funny music from Dr. Demento, Weird Al, and more!
Listen Live Every Thursday 6PM to 8PM (PST) or Online 24/7. Keeping you entertained during your commute, or whatever else you’re doing. (I don’t need to know.)

Ecto Portal #112 Dorothea Puente Murder House with Barbara Holmes and Tom Williams

ANTHONY ANDERSON and VERNA WILSON welcome BARBARA HOLMES and TOM WILLIAMS are as boring, as only the ancient-aged can be. BARBARA recently retired from Kaiser Permanente, where she spent decades in progressively responsible positions, culminating with a long stint as Project Manager, accountable for getting computer applications up and running in freshly opened medical facilities. Essentially, TOM WILLIAMS has been retired his entire life, interrupted sporadically by gainful employment. His final stint was operating Hidden Passage Books, a small, independent bookstore located in Placerville, California. BARBARA And TOM LIVE IN A MURDER HOUSE. In 1988, DOROTHEA MONTALVO PUENTE killed nine people at 1426 F Street, in Sacramento, CA. She buried seven in her yard, within spitting distance of a busy thruway. TOM and BARBARA took possession of the property on Halloween in 2010. They have bestowed on the house tender loving care that it had long been denied. Ghosts, large and small, helped with the metamorphosis, turning the house into a happy place, rather than the deeply dark existence under which it had labored beneath for so long.

Not Safe For Work – Post Election Drug News Extravaganza!!!

#NSFWradio host J. Austin Graham presents dark news from bright people, Tom Fritsche.  Topics:  We tell you which midterm voting results actually matter, we have more drug news than you can shake a vape stick at, including the new states that legalized marijuana, who is responsible for the opioid epidemic, how are the perpetuating it, California is on fire, and so much more!  Featuring music you need to hear from Between The Buried And Me, Moon Hooch, and King Missile.

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THE MUSIQ BOX SHOW 11/14/18 featuring Call-In’s from AZIEL, DAN KELLY of FORTUNATE YOUTH & In-Studio with SKUNK FUNK

TONITE!!! On the World Famous The MUSIQ BOX Show hosted by ELIJAH & DIGGY @diggymkz LIVE on www.fccfreeradio.com Studio 2b or download the FCC Free Radio app 8pm-10pm (pst) bringing u the best in reggae music and Culture to the world. WE’RE excited to have coming into the studio the homies Skunk Funk to talk about their bigg show this Saturday at Longboard Margarita Bar in Pacifica Ca. And play some acoustic jams for the people. ALSO we have calling in Reggae Recording Artist Dan Kelly from Fortunate Youth to talk about their Fall Tour and shows in the Bay Area this week. PLUS we have Musical Recording Artist Aziel Toeaina calling in to talk about opening up for Big Body Radio Presents: The #FeelGoodMusic Showcase Ft. Siaosi this Friday at @longboardbar powered by BigBody Cisco from BigBody Radio PLUS we have TIXS TO GIVEAWAY for Akae Beka formerly the voice of Midnite.

The Bourbon Break – EP. 25: The “QUEENZ” Episode w/ Robin (Encore)

We’ll be back at it next week (November 21, 2018), discussing Black MENtal Health with Therapist Tia Barnes.  Until then, enjoy this replay of my favorite episode thus far, number Twenty-Five, where I chop it up with my Mom, Robin, about current events, San Francisco, Oakland, generational gentrification, race, equality, the #MeToo Movement, family, love, marriage, parenting, parenting your parents and of course, topics of the fuckery persuasion. This episode’s musical theme was a tribute to one of my mom’s favorite artist, The Queen Of A Genre All Her Own, SADE!

For other previous episodes, check out The Bourbon Break archives, by clicking on the Past Episodes button at:


Hope you enjoy the ride! Cheers!


The LightOne Pot’cast Season 4. Ep. 1.

The LightOne Potcast Season 4 Episode One – Holiday show

November 12th – “Edible”.. after a few weeks… we thank our recent guests.. we talk absolutely it the holidays and the time between Halloween til the end of year we talk about work and work ethics in general. We need to vote.  Don’t trick or treat this one we need get details as tricky as it and we Need to get out and be heard. On the Pot-talk bout them edibles  – go team edibles

The radio station is always looking for new shows please reach out to John Miller at FCC Free Radio we can provide the means.   

Please use the cool listen live button on the far right click listen live studio 2b for me or concurrently running Uneek Radio click

Also download the FCC Free Radio app to your phone to catch us on the Go.

Its your show so Thank you to all for listening and please spread the word.  Simply Clicking like n possibly share does us a world of good….

Musical Theme…Work Songs/// Recorded live on Nov 13th. The LightOne Potcast + Uneek Radio = Turn’t Up Tuesday with the Royal family!!!

Accept Yourself, Love Yourself, Celebrate Yourself……It starts with you!! Respect!!!

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