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The Verve Show: Together Again

Published on May 4, 2014 By The Verve Show

Tweet Happy 85th birthday, Audrey Hepburn!!  Congratulations for sharing a birthday with one of the coolest transplants from the SF comedy scene, Coree Spencer.  Tuesday marks the anni-birth-ery of  my cousin Jillian Bonsack as well as Shane Koon and comedians Stefani Silverman and Steve Lee. On today’s show, Malcolm Grissom, Brian King and Nicole Turley […]

Welcome To Our Halloween Verve Show

Published on October 31, 2013 By The Verve Show

Tweet Tonight’s spooky, scary, funny, (insert adjective here) show is dedicated to two people.  First, to former guest Gene Hamm, who celebrated a birthday on Monday.  Second, to future guest Karen Bayard, who celebrates her birthday today.  Our top story tonight:  it’s Halloween!!!! We’ve got music, ghost stories, poems and other Halloween-themed goodies tonight.  Bay […]

The Verve Show: It’s Not Just a Show’ It’s an Event

Published on October 3, 2013 By The Verve Show

Tweet Happy birthday to daringly funny, British comedienne Shazia Mirza!   Improvisation teacher and member of the dynamic duo Deb & Mike, Michael Bossier celebrates his birthday this week (his birthday was yesterday ). Malcolm: ‘So, in honor of Michael’s birthday, tonight’s show will be completely improvised.” Nicole: “Wait! How is that different than any […]

The Verve Show: Celebrating Ray

Published on September 26, 2013 By The Verve Show

Tweet Before we conclude our month long celebration of Ray Charles, we need to celebrate some of our local celebrities, starting with past guest and host of Full Disclosure, Eric Barry.  Then, we have comediennes Lydia Popovich and Carla Clay.  And, of course, live in New York, Ian Jensen.  They are all celebrating birthdays today.  Before […]

Laughter And Sex Go Well Together on The Verve Show

Published on September 5, 2013 By The Verve Show

Tweet Happy birthday, Bob Newhart!  Tonight’s Verve Show is dedicated to Travis “Too Much” Curry and Frankie Quinones.  Tonight, Dr. vs. Dr. Dr. Lupe squares off against Dr. Brian in the sexiest, smartest,  and most sensational debate ever to take place on The Verve Show.  Never before has there been such a mixture of brains, […]

Don Reed Digs The Verve Show

Published on August 29, 2013 By The Verve Show

Tweet Tonight’s episode is dedicated to two very special people who are celebrating their birthday today: Jabari Baraka Davis and Theresa Bacigalupi.  Happy Day, you two. Only four more shows of Don Reed’s latest show at The Marsh Theater in SF.  We’ll be talking about this super groovy show, “Can You Dig It?”  Also, we […]

The Verve Show’s Getting Wild and Crazy Tonight!

Published on August 22, 2013 By The Verve Show

Tweet Happy Thursday, everybody!  Tonight’s episode is dedicated  to Marketing Genius, Jonathan Dippert.  He celebrates the anniversary of his birth today.  We also dedicate the show to a few other special Vervians out there.  Grace Fraga, an ongoing special guest star celebrated her sex-filled birthday on Tuesday.  And, one of our New York friends, Tanya […]

No Y Chromosome on The Verve Show

Published on August 8, 2013 By The Verve Show

Tweet Last week’s “Girl Power Hour” was pretty….fascinating.  And since this is the last show  before Daddy comes home, Nicole and Suzy take no prisoners.  Expect some last minute talk about Malcolm’s “charm”.  I wonder what NICE things they’re going to say about me?  Just remember ladies, I’ll be one of the 1500 downloads this […]

Standing Out Among The Crowd

Published on July 25, 2013 By The Verve Show

Tweet On Tonight’s episode of The Verve Show, we celebrate just a few of those people who inspire us with their teachings and creativity.  We start off the celebration by mentioning the birthdays of some special people, Kathleen Remington, David Studebaker, and Johan Mirada.  They are all had their birth anniversaries yesterday.  Today’s Noel B. […]