Abdan Saniford and Cheryl White – Here’s Why That’s Funny

TODAY on Here’s Why ThHWTF ONEYEARSHOWPOSTERat’s Funny – Holy Hiatus, Batman, we’re back!  San Fransisco is bustling with Superbowl Fever, and the Doctor is getting settled in her new studio. It’s a good day to be in San Fransisco. Well, besides the traffic and urine everywhere.

Today on the show, we have comedians Cheryl White and Abdan Saniford in the studio. Also, we’ll be getting ready to kick off the HWTF One Year Show which will be on February 21st at the BackBar in San Jose. All of the money goes to Reading is Fundamental, an organization that promotes childhood literacy.

Download, Share, Like, Retweet, break out into a musical number, and listen to Here’s Why That’s Funny live at 2pm in Studio 1a in FCC Free Radio. Remember that The Doctor cares about you, and she thinks you’re special.

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