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FCCFREE RADIO is home to over 100 hours per week of original LIVE content that comes out of the plush studios in the Union Square District of San Francisco, but from time to time we need to get out of the station take the station out on the road…..

Here you will find FCCFREE RADIO on LIVE Remote. We are in clubs broadcasting music and comedy all the time.


Upcoming Events: Both Shows are HUGE and FREE to attend……



Jerry Day August 14th 2016, Show start at 11:00 am

FCCFREE Radio are media partner’s for this great live show, we will be broadcasting the show live with interviews.

Jerry Day is a civic and cultural event that celebrates one of the greatest rock guitarists of all time and San Francisco native son – Jerry Garcia. This event captures the true spirit of Jerry Garcia as we celebrate his legacy, the Jerry Garcia Amphitheater, and recognize his childhood roots from the Excelsior District of San Francisco. By uniting the diverse communities of San Francisco through Jerry’s music, we are creating something extraordinary for Jerry’s childhood neighborhood – the Excelsior District, McLaren Park, and the City and County of San Francisco. for more info….


LOGO36thComedy Day September 18th at 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM

FCCFREE Radio are media partner’s for this great live show and have been for 7 years this year. We will be broadcast live with interviews with some of the 40+ comedians all 5 hours!

One stage! 5 Hours!! 40+ Comedians a MILLION Laughs!!

It was 1975, and comedian Jose Simon had a dream. Barbra Streisand did it. A number of rock ‘n’ roll bands had done it, too. Even the symphony gave it a go. Free outdoor concerts were becoming more commonplace in music. So, why not one featuring comedians? A free outdoor performance in The City that is considered the cradle of civilization for comedy would be a great way for local comedians to say thank you to their fans.

It took a few years and a lot of cooperation from a lot of people to make it happen, but since 1981 more than 750 of the world’s funniest comedians have performed free-of-charge for more than a half-million people at the original outdoor comedy concert, Comedy Day. It started in the Golden Gate Park Music Concourse (affectionately known as the Band Shell), moved to the Polo Fields in 1987 to accommodate larger crowds and, for the past few years, has found a home in Sharon Meadows in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. for more info…


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On Your Smartphone

Now streaming to Smartphones on all 4G/LTE networks using TuneIn and ShoutCast App or depending on you smart phone you can just go to the website.  Just search for FCCFREE and pick your studio……..

So you can take FCCFREE RADIO with you anywhere…..

John Miller
Founder and General Manager, FCCFREE RADIO

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