Afternoon Delight #11

Thanks for tuning in to the eleventh episode of Afternoon Delight!  Thanks for listening!  You Rock!  Today we have 2 hours of awesome sex themed music (todays theme is songs I personally like….about sex) and discussion about music, karaoke, and general life in today’s world.   This week AmandaRocks and co-host  Sarah “LateAss” Sparkles, my too awesome for words to describe friend,  will be interviewing John Innes…one of my biggest karaoke fans and also the other person who sings Afternoon Delight with me on the theme song.  And we have call in interviews….first Stefan Day, who is promoting an awesome party on Friday February 17th at The Chapel SF called Night of the Hummingbird.  And The Baby Guy will be calling in too……he had the most interesting add in the Craigslist Personals. We will also try to get a call into Jan the Neighbor lady.  So get ready to get tuned in and turned on!

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