Afternoon Delight #15 St Patty’s Day Special

Thanks for tuning in to the fifteenth episode of Afternoon Delight!  It’s the Saint Patty’s Day Special!    Thanks for listening!  You Rock!  Today we have 2 hours of awesome sex themed music (todays theme is songs I personally like….about sex) and discussion about music, karaoke, and general life in today’s world.   This week AmandaRocks and co-host  Sarah “LateAss” Sparkles  will be interviewing Rizzo Rouge, Burlesque Dancer at Sin Sisters Burlesque from Santa Cruz, California. Also we have  Rappers, K Dinero and Comma D!  (can you tell by the shortness of the description that no one sent me a bio! We will also try to get a call into Jan the Neighbor lady….and get a call from PandaSlim!  So get ready to get tuned in and turned on!

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