Afternoon Delight #20

Thanks for tuning in to the twentieth episode of Afternoon Delight!  Thanks for listening!  You Rock!  Today we have 2 hours of awesome sex themed music (todays theme is songs I personally like….about sex) and discussion about music, karaoke, and general life in today’s world.   This week AmandaRocks and co-host  Sarah “LateAss” Sparkles  will be interviewing Pablo Yale, a comic for the last 7 years in Santa Cruz, mostly as a first-year open mic’er. Pablo has co-ran two Santa Cruz comedy shows in the past, at Callahans and the old Trout Farm Inn in nearby Felton, performing with talent such as Jeff Applebaum and the late Jimmy Gunn. Pablo has also written for DNA’s Pop Up Comedy Club and produced for 2 episodes of Stand Up Santa Cruz: the Series, available on Rolu and Pablo has also guest hosted the Blue Lagoon Comedy night once, a very long time ago, which will celebrate its 500th show on April 28th, 8pm in downtown Santa Cruz, CA. He won’t be hosting so it promises to be a good show. Despite what his ex girlfriend will tell you, Pablo dishwashes at Persephone, a new dining experience in Aptos, CA during the day. And….. James “Hamburger” Matthews from Santa Cruz is an open mic comedian who hasn’t made it yet and can’t get on real shows despite being the first image result if you google “imminent fail”. Living with his mom and thriving on masturbation jokes, he regularly appears at local open mics and on Stand Up Santa Cruz – the TV show on Roku and Vimeo. Hamburger runs an open mic every Sunday pm at the Blue Lounge in Santa Cruz.  We will also try to get a call into Jan the Neighbor lady!  So get ready to get tuned in and turned on!

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