Alexa Ramirez & Rusty Shackleford – Here’s Why That’s Funny

Hereswhynewposter TODAY on Here’s Why That’s Funny on FCC Free Radio and TuneIn – It’s a lovely day in San Francisco, California, the city of promise, hope, and freedom. It also happens to be the location of the first documented US breakout of the bubonic plague in 1900. Do with that information what you will.

On today’s show, we have comedians Rusty Shackleford and Alexa Ramirez. Also, we have a clip from the first ever edition of “Inside the YAY! Area”, and of course we’re going to have plenty of stand up comedy. Listen live to see what we pull out of our asses today.

Oh, and if you’re a San Francisco native, you should already know about our big show Here’s Why That’s Funny Presents: The Brainwash Show, which is taking place at the glorious Brainwash Cafe. It’s on September 2nd at 7:30, and it’s a FREE SHOW – but all tips made will be donated to Reading is Fundamental, an organization devoted to increasing childhood literacy, especially in underserved communities.

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