09/07/2019 The NFL Week 1 And The Antonio Brown Saga With The Raiders

Good afternoon and welcome to another episode of radio show. I have a great show for you today as always. We have Mike “The Shu” Shumann on location due to personal situation he’s dealing with. He is on the phone with me. We have Antonio Brown drama as usual and it appears that the Raiders have given him what he wanted more than once this season, which hasn’t even started yet. But, Antonio Brown will not be wearing the silver & black to start the 2019-2020 season and that might be a good thing for the Raider nation. The San Francisco 49ers got good news that Nick Bosa will be playing in week one of the new season which we will see just how good the niners defense is. The San Francisco Giants are not going to be in the playoffs after all since losing their last 3 of 4 to the Arizona Cardinals. The Oakland A’s are in contention for the wild card and could still compete for the AL west title. It’s your Bay Area and when it comes to Bay Area Sports you want all the skinny on your Bay Area sports teams. And were all over it. Remember folks it’s radio show Bay Area Sports magnified!!

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