Aired 08/06 With Richard “The Razor” Ewing


Good afternoon Folks. We’ve got yet another great show for you today. We are still gushing over Bill King’s induction to the Hall of Fame. Bob Melvin’s coaching has gone to another level when he hit a milestone. 1000th career win as a head coach in the MLB. Congratulations to Bo Mel and his family. The Raiders have opened their training camp, and Donald Penn has yet to sign a contract. He’s trying to hold out for a much bigger contract. The 49ers opened their training camp as well with Malcom Smith out for the season, and Reuben Foster to replace him at middle linebacker. We are all on the watching the radar to find out where Collin Kaepernick will land his next quarterback position. Rumor has it that it will be in Baltimore, this is yet to be seen. We are still on the Kaepernick watch. The NFL has opening camps all across the country and so have the camps for the NCAA. We are keeping a close eye on Cal, Stanford, Santa Clara, and of course San Jose State. I had this week the privilege of meeting some of the players from the San Jose State Spartans football team at my local Walmart. These are your Bay Area teams. This is your San Francisco Bay Area, and I’m all over it. Remember folks it’s Bay Area Sports Magnified

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