Aired 11/19/17 The Return of Richard “The Razor”


Hello, bay area sports fans. It’s radio show.  Bay Area sports Magnified!! I’ve returned back from a long and arduous hiatus. I have a great show for you today. THE NINERS WIN!!! Can’t believe it but the 49ers get a win against the New York Giants! First, win of the season, and you should’ve have seen the 49ers locker room. A jubilant Kyle Shanahan with first-year GM John Lynch and the crew celebrating and for this team they deserved it. The Warriors lose to the Boston Celtics, but make up for it by beating the Philadelphia 76ers and the Brooklyn Nets. The Raiders fall to the New England Patriots 33-8 and are now 4-6 in the division. The Sharks get beat by the Boston Bruins. Basically, the city of Boston is just beating up our local sports teams. LaVar Ball’s son LiAngleo Ball is caught stealing in China. The President gets him out of China and feels that his father LaVar is not appreciative of what he’s done for his son. He even stated, “I should’ve left him there in China.” The Giants are trying to make a deal with the Arizona Cardinals for Giancarlo Stanton and bring him to San Francisco. As always there is never a dull moment on Bay Area Sports Magnified!!

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