Aired 12/10/17 Bay Area Sports Magnified!!! With Richard Joseph In The House!!

Hello Bay Area. How are you doing? I hope you’re are doing well. I have a great show for you today. I’m not alone today. I have Richard Joseph in the studio with me today. So it’s going to be the two Richard’s manning the helm if you will. What do we have? We have the Golden State Warriors going 6-0 on the road. First time in franchise history to capture that achievement. They are 21-6 second in the Western Conference standings.

This feat was done without Steph Curry’s feet. Steph Curry rolled his ankle and is expected to be out for two weeks. No problem. Bring in Durantula! Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, and Quinton Cook! Yes, Quinton Cook has been brought up from the D-League to add some young flavor to the Warriors arsenal. GianCarlo Stanton was supposed to come to San Francisco Giants. Not Gonna Happen! Shohei Otoni was supposed to come to the San Francisco Giants. Not Gonna Happen! Giants have to look elsewhere for answers for next season.

Stanford falls to USC for the PAC-12 title in a game coach Shaw and the Stanford Cardinal should have won. The San Jose Sharks are holding their own in the Pacific Western division with a third place stand. The Raiders are playing today for their playoff lives against their rivalry history, the Kansas City Chiefs. The winner could win the AFC West division. The 49ers will be looking to see if Jimmy Garopolo will be the franchise quarterback for next season with his performance today against the Houston Texans. It’s your Bay Area teams competing. They represent you. If your Bay Area Sports team, I got you covered. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYSPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!!

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