Bay Area Sports Magnified!! Aired 06/11/17

Good afternoon welcome to Bay Area Sports Magnified!! I am your host Rich “The Razor” Ewing. We’ve got NBA Finals talk and our Golden State Warriors have dropped game 4 with a dismal 137-116 loss to the CAVS. The Series will return to Roarcle! So much for the sweep and the perfect playoff season. Giants and A’s continue to struggle but the Giants did beat the Minnesota Twins by 13-8. Madison Baumgartner is expected to pitch against hitters next week. Raiders and 49ers are finishing up OTA’s, but right now all eyes are on the Duuuuubbbbbssss! Can they get one at Oracle? We have a great show today so get on the Website and get ready for the ride. Remember folks it’s Bay Area Sports Magnified!!


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