Bay Area Sports Magnified Aired 10/22/2017


Good afternoon Bay Area. All Bay Area Bay Area Sports Magnified!! I am your host Richard “The Razor” Ewing. Welcome to another Sunday show, and as always I have a great one for ya. The NBA is back! But the Warriors don’t look like they are back. It’s just the beginning of the season,  but right now they are tied for second in a 4-way tie in the conference. The Raiders get back to their winning ways, and the best way to do that is to beat the first place Kansas City Chiefs. Marshawn is ejected from the game for shouting at the referees. Steph Curry is ejected for apparently throwing his mouthpiece at the referees, and KD is ejected for defending Curry and letting the referee know about his call on the supposed foul. The Niners, oh god, please don’t let me tell you about the Niners. The Cowboys beat the 49ers like they stole something! It’s the ALDS, and the NLDS. Neither one of our teams can even smell both contests. The Sharks start their season winning and trying to catch that elusive Lord Byron Stanley Cup! Stanford is in a tie for first place in their division with the Washington Huskies. The Cal Bears are on a downward swing, and the Spartans of San Jose State are 6th in the Mountain West division. It’s your Bay Area Sports teams, and I’m covering them. So if a pass is thrown, a home run is hit, or if the puck goes into the net we better hope the basketball is going into the net also. It’s your Bay Area and I’m all over it! Remember folks it’s Bay Area Sports Magnified!!

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