Radio Show 01/04/2020 New Year and New In Bay Area Sports. Niners 13-3 NFC West Champs!!

Good afternoon and welcome to the beginning of a great 2020 with radio show I am your host Richard “The Razor” Ewing and I’m with my co-host Mike “The Shu” Shumann. We are your source for Bay Area sports insight and analysis on local teams in the San Francisco Bay Area. The 49ers are 11-3, they have the No.1 seed throughout the playoffs in the NFC. They are also NFC West division champs. The last time the 49ers beat the Seattle Seahawks in Seattle was in 2011. All that changed on 12/29/2019. The Niners prevail in a 26-21 nail biter, that finished in the fashion I said earlier in the week would happen.

The Oakland Raiders were behind in what would be the final game of their 2019 season, and what many are saying is the last time they will be called the Oakland Raiders. With seconds left they had a chance to win the game, but couldn’t get a two-point conversion for the win against the L.A. Chargers. They fall 16-15 to of all team their history rivals the Chargers. Madison Bumgarner is no longer an SF Giant. He is now a Arizona Diamondback and has agreed to a five year contract worth 85 million dollars. So long Madison we will miss you and thanks for the memories.

The Golden State Warriors continue to just get through this season so that they can load up for next season. There is already talk of trading De Angelo Russell, Alec Burks, and Glen Robinson III. It makes you wonder why they would be thinking of this direction when the team isn’t on the winning side of the basketball. The San Jose Sharks are still looking up in the Pacific West division standings. There is talk that this is Joe Thorton’s last season in the NHL. The Bay Area belongs to you and your sports teams do also. That’s why we want to bring them to you in the most unique way possible. Remember folks. It’s Bay Area sports magnified!!!

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