Radio Show 03/23/19

Good afternoon and welcome to another edition of the Radio show. I am Richard “The Razor” Ewing your host. Normally I have my wingman with me Mike “The Shu” Shumann with me but due to conflicting circumstances he is on a personal hiatus and we will see him soon. So the Warriors drop “The Boogie” on the Indiana Pacers and get another win in their streak to the end of the regular season. And we have the return of Andrew Bogut at Oracle Arena with and resounding response from the fan base.

The 49ers and Raiders are eagerly waiting to see what happens in the draft and if the Arizona Cardinals will choose Kyler Murray for the No.1 pick. That choice will determine their selections in this year’s draft. The SF Giants and Oakland A’s are dealing with spring training baseball in the Cactus League. Sharks are fighting for prominence in the Pacific West standings and are trying to get to first place. It’s March Madness time and you know what that means.

It means Nor-Cal college teams are at home watching the tournament on t.v. because this year’s records from men’s basketball for Cal, Stanford, San Jose State are all terrible. We have it all right here in your bay area. Remember folks it’s Bay Area Sports Magnified!!

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