Radio Show 12/21/2019 Niners VS. Rams & Injuries, Madison Bumgarner Gone!!

Good afternoon everyone. And welcome to another broadcast of Radio show. I’m your host Richard “The Razor” Ewing with Mike “The Shu” Shumann. We have a great show today. The San Francisco 49ers will take on the L.A. Rams. The implications of this game are high. If the Niners win they will clinch a playoff berth, and be in the driver seat for the NFC West. If the Rams win they will cause the Niners to be looking at the 6th seed in the playoffs and allow Seattle to take the No.1 seed in the NFC West.

The Oakland Raiders have completed their last home game in an ugly fashion. They allow the Jacksonville Jaguars to come from behind from a 16-3 deficit to win 20-16. The Raiders couldn’t score in the second half of the game. The SF Giants say goodbye to a tall Giant in Madison Bumgarner who signed a 5yr. deal with the Arizona Diamondbacks. To the fanbase it’s hard to say goodbye, but at the end of the day, it is a business. Bye, bye, Madison. You will be missed. The Golden State Warriors got their 6th win of the season by beating the New Orleans Pelicans 106-102 last night. But questions as to where this team is going are still looming.

It’s your Bay Area and your sports reporting should be jam-packed. Well it is here at Bay Area Sports Magnified!!!

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