AllBayAreaSports Radio Show 08/17/19 The 2019 NFL Season Has Begun. And my co-host Mike “The Shu” Shumann

Hey Bay Area! How are you? Welcome to Radio Show. I have a great show for you today. The 2019 NFL Season is here. Both teams the 49ers, and Raiders pre-season games are in the books, and both teams put up W’s for week one. The biggest talk is if next year if we will have a pre-season for the 2020 season. This is because of all the pre-season injuries that are plaguing the NFL’s standout and first string player. Season ticket holders who patiently wait of the new season want to see players like Derrick Carr passing the ball for the Raiders. Not starting the season with a backup QB. The 49ers look good in pre-season, but wait, there’s injuries again. Nick Bosa, no.2 pick overall is likely to miss the rest of the pre-season due to injury. The NBA season schedule is out and guess who’s playing on christmas day. We have more for you on today’s show. Remember folks it’s AllBayAreaSports Radio Show, bay area sports magnified!!!

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