AllBayAreaSports Radio Show Aired 01/21/2018 Chuckie or Jon Gruden is Back In Black!!

This is NFL Playoff week and I’m not excited!! The Patriots are playing the Jaguars and they will find a way to win. The Vikings are playing and they will go down hard eventually!! If you wanted a little more competition don’t go to the NFL. You won’t find it. Chuckie is back in black!! Jon Gruden has returned as head coach of the Oakland Raiders! The San Jose Sharks have regained second place by beating the Pittsburgh Penguins 2-1 and regaining the second place standing in the Pacific West standing. Where will the Raiders go with a new coach? Where will the 49ers go with a new quarterback in Jimmy Garopolo? Will the Warriors continue to decline as the years go by?How will our Bay Area Teams respond to not being in contention? How does that information affect you? This is Bay Area Sports Magnified!!

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