Arturo Raygoza, Sarah Giambruno, and Nate Spears – Here’s Why That’s Funny

HereswhynewposterTODAY on Here’s Why That’s Funny on FCC Free Radio – It’s a lovely, sunshiney day in San Francisco. The streets are abuzz with upcoming holiday cheer, but as a reminder, if you play Christmas music before December, you are legally a communist. We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family, and if not, we hope you spent your time getting drunk alone. In the words of your host Alex Love, “I like my parents the same way I like dive bars. A little bit on most days, but not at all on the holidays.”

On today’s show, we have a few of Alex’s favorite comedians including Peppertree Lounge host and absolute human trainwreck Arturo Raygoza, brilliant musical-theater dork and comedian Sarah Giambruno, and Alex’s actual for-real little brother Nate Spears.

Make sure you mark your calendars for the next battle at the Purple Onion for the It’s Complicated crown, and – you know what? I take back what I said. Play Christmas music all you want. You’ve had a tough year. You deserve some happiness.

Download this and every single goddamn episode of Here’s Why That’s Funny while you sit in a corner and think about how much we care about you and think you’re special. See you jive turkeys at 2.

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