B Side Mikey Show / Thin Lizzy 8/6/16

Thin LizzyThat car accident has made it a bit tough for me lately!!!! BUT— thanks to my friend Tommy driving me down to the studio tonight (in a huge stretched out vehicle) so we can rip out a THIN LIZZY evening on the B Side Mikey Show. So all of you “Blues Lovin” “Stoner Rock” “Metal Heads” around the world, it goes down between 8-10pm (PST) Studio 2B. Extremely awesome well written tracks will bellow out there for all to enjoy. Such a great band with many talented musicians involved over the years, whom created some amazing material. I thank all of you SINCERELY for FOR THE PERSONAL MESSAGES through Facebook (Michael S Sojda) regarding me and the car accident. MANY OF YOU around the world, some I’ve never met personally in my life, have reached out. THANK YOU!! I always say don’t drink & drive on the show / then one crosses my path in life (OR WAS ON SOMETHING > DUI) but God Bless, I’m alive and so is that person! I so appreciate this crazy show I get to do, & you crazy people who support the B Side Mikey Show around the world, hats off to all of you! Peace \m/


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