Behind the Mynd of Harlow’s Monkeys!

monkeymyndThis week from 4pm-6pm, in Studio 2b, we welcome Harlow’s Monkeys to the broadcast! Tommy P, long time friend and guest of the show, heads up this trio; and we are beyond excited to dive into his latest project. Tim takes his co-hosting seat, as usual, and we’ll check in on his recuperation from the desert life. David is still trying to find that life balance, and could potentially blame alcohol for all of his issues; does passing the buck really change anything though? Dismissive-avoidant coping strategies in full effect. We are nearing the three year mark of the show, and there’s some planning a-foot. In the mean time, tune in to hear Harlow’s Monkeys share some of their unique talent with us. Phone lines open at 4:30. Musical performance after the 5:00 break.

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