Behind the Mynd of Malgosia Kostecka!!

Tmilamyndimagehis week from 4-6pm, in Studio 2b, we welcome the wonderful Malgosia Kostecka to the broadcast! Malgosia is a highly skilled Graphic Facilitator/Graphic Recorder for the Grove Consultants International. If you aren’t aware of what a graphic facilitator does and is…you’ll have to tune in! After a brief traveling excursion, David is back and we are excited to jump back into the radio groove again. Behind the Mynd is celebrating its three year anniversary of its existence this week and what a journey it has been. Perhaps we’ll get some calls from guests past! We’ll check in on Tim and how his exit from his job is going, and David’s got a bone to pick about a little this and that. Back in the flow, back to the grind. We hope you enjoy this week’s broadcast. Phone lines open at 4:30.




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