Behind the Mynd of MJ Lee.!!

MJMyndToday from 4pm-6pm, in Studio 2b, we welcome MJ Lee. to the broadcast! MJ has been working incredibly hard on her debut album and we have the pleasure of catching a sneak peek. Let’s dive into the decision of leaving a day-to-day, clock-in clock-out scenario to follow your higher musical dreams. Also have a couple laughs as well. There’s big news in David’s life, and we’ll catch up with Tim’s week. Can we deny the way of the world to make our own way? Are we trapped in our past or are we living through our future? We don’t know, but we’ll talk about it. Regardless, we’ll have a grand old time as always. We hope you enjoy this week’s Behind the Mynd, only on FCCFree Radio.

Tune in live HERE!

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