Behind the Mynd of Papa Bear!!

papamyndimageThis week, in Studio 2b, we welcome the lovable Papa Bear to the broadcast! This man has such a bright personality, and is currently traveling around spreading his message through his beautiful music. We are excited to dive into his story. If you are familiar with the Convent in the lower Haight area, you’ve probably caught a performance or two. He’s graced the stage at the Great American Music Hall as well as performing at Symbiosis and Burning Man. He’s everywhere. Tim can’t make it to the show today, so David is rolling solo. We got to head out a little early today so the music will be starting before our break. David hits the stage tonight at Neck of the Woods, doing his looping multi-instrumental rapid fire lyric thing. Doors at 8. Kick-off at 8:30. Tune in from 4pm-6pm. Enjoy!

Tune in HERE!

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