Behind the Mynd of The Deer!

deerToday, from 4-6pm, in Studio 2B we welcome The Deer all the way from Austin, Texas! They are on tour and have a bit of time before their show at Hotel Utah tonight. We’ll get to learn about life on the road, their latest third album release “Tempest & Rapture”, and get to know them as human beings in general. Phone lines open at 4:30. Music portion after the 5:00 break. Tim takes his co-hosting seat, and we’ll learn about his week running Doc’s Lab and reveal what surprise David had this weekend. Life is a rollercoaster, there are times where we have to hold on and sometimes we have to let go. Ride this baby out. Let’s get into it. We hope you enjoy this week’s Behind The Mynd, only on FCCFree Radio.

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