Behind the Mynd of Vessna Scheff & Koof!

vesskoofmyndrrToday from 4pm-6pm, in Studio 2b, we welcome Vessna Scheff & Koof to the broadcast. Vessna and the host David are in a duo named Salt & Sage, and last year Vessna departed to Philly to start a new life and perform on the Eastern side of the U.S. Along that journey she met Koof, an amazing trumpet player and photographer. They are fresh off of a month in Switzerland, and we will catch up on their adventures. Also get a taste of what the music scene is like in Philadelphia. You can listen to her music and also check out her brilliant watercolor art hereIt’s a true honor to get them on the broadcast and we hope you enjoy it today. Tim takes his co-hosting seat, as usual, and we’ll open up the phone lines at 4:30. Musical performance starting after the 5:00 break. Much love.



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