Ben Jaramillo, Danny Mendoza, Iesha Birdsong – Here’s Why That’s Funny

HWTFtreemutherfuckinghuggerTODAY on Here’s Why That’s Funny – The Doctor is back from her San Diego comedy tour. She has big news, big guests, and even bigger laughs on the first HWTF of 2016.

The Doctor, in all of her hungover glory, will be joined by a roundish-table of her favorite San Jose comedians including absolute cutie-pie Ben Jaramillo, who you can catch on January 15th at the Brew Ha Ha! at Deva Cafe. Danny Mandoza, a Woodham’s lounge favorite, will also be talking to The Doctor in his soothing, dad-like tone. Iesha Birdsong, another hard-working San Jose favorite will be making her first appearance in Studio 1a, aka, “The Doctor’s Office”.

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