Bridesmaid Horror Stories – January 18, 2018

BIG NEWS. Sike, I’ve got nothin. We’re all so tired and we’re only 18 days into the new year! The US froze more than half its aid for a UN Agency for Palestinian refugees, half the population thinks men are fine the way they are and why is everyone being so sensitive, Trump continues to know nothing about anything yet still controls everything, AND I HAD A VERY SCARY DREAM WHERE I WAS BITTEN BY A POISONOUS SPIDER WHILE VISITING MY FAMILY. Oh, and on Tuesday night I took my friend from out of town to a restaurant and he ended up with food poisoning but I was fine!!! Everything seems tiring and hard and stupid, but BB Horrorstories is here to be your light and shining armor! Catch a break with us today from 6-8 pm!

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