Brooke Heinichen, Trishna Saigal & Sid Singh – Here’s Why That’s Funny

Here'sWhyTheDoctorisAwesomeTODAY on Here’s Why That’s Funny – it’s a lovely day in sunny San Francisco, California, the heart and soul of the Bay Area. There’s been a lot of dispute about what cities are actually in the Bay Area – does it start in Sacramento and end in Monterey? Is it just the places affected by the Hyphy Movement of ’08 (which, by the way, is everywhere)? The Doctor has a fool-proof method to test if your city is a part of the Yay: Take your nearest BART train and play Mac Dre’s “Feeling Myself” on your cellphone at full blast. If everyone on the train doesn’t immediately start going dumb, I’m sorry, but you’re not in the Bay Area. Stay on the train and don’t get off until you see the Oracle.

On today’s show, we have a full house of awesome comedians and entertainers who are ready to knock your socks off with hilarity. The witty and brilliant Trishna Saigal, fresh from Johnny Corn’s Off The Hook Comedy in Campbell, will finally be making her first appearance at HWTF. You might also remember Trishna, one of The City’s coolest comedians/producers, as one of the superstar minds behind The Comedy Chop at The Purple Onion. Brooke Heinichen, the Doctor’s other new comedy girl crush, will be returning to Studio 1a to chat until the sun goes down (or at least until 4 O’Clock). Brooke was one of the finalists at last month’s Comedy Chop, and will also be on this month’s Women Getting Witty at The Purple Onion! Today’s episode also features hilarious and charming comedian Sid Singh, fresh from the Comedy Cartel and other great shows in the Bay Area. If you like Sid here, you can also catch him at The Silk Road Comedy show on May 14th at Mutiny Radio.

Download, Share, Like, and make sure you tune in on Facebook LIVE to ask our comedians all the questions your little heart desires. The Doctor is IN today at 2 on Here’s Why That’s Funny on FCC Free Radio – and remember, she cares about you, and she thinks you’re special.

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