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We are back this week and ready to go. We will cover the news you can use, news on Apple computer to the close of a local show.

Apple becomes the first company to be valued at $1 trillion

The company hit a $1 trillion market capitalisation 42 years after Apple was founded. From the iMac to iPhone the company, co-founded by the late Steve Jobs in 1976, has reached the historic milestone of $207.05 per share when first announced in August 2018.

Miguel in the Arts: In the second half of Show we will interview my collaborator and comrade Decoy Gallerina, we are core members of Radical Medicine Music and Theatre Movement International. We opened the show September 12 in San Francisco for Climate Music Project/Play for the Planet with special guest Opium Sabbah. We performed  politically driven anti-establishment original music and rap “Freedom of the Rain, Purge Dynasty Now and others” with blessings and prayers dedicated to all oppressed people everywhere.



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