2016-08-17 106 Cemeteries AD v3Anthony Anderson and Verna Wilson

Cover a topic that will involve almost everyone at the end of their lives, cemeteries.  We are joined by guest Eric Bradner as he shares his love of history and his walking tours, even those that involve walking among the gravestones.  Although not involved himself in the paranormal, we will not skip a beat in asking Eric if he has seen anything himself while wandering among the headstones.



eric-3ERIC BRADNER:  A Sacramento-based historian, Eric is active in the Old City Cemetery Committee, the Sacramento County Historical Society and the Punk Rock Sewing Circle. Eric has done walking tours on subjects as different as Drugs in the Old West, 1890s bicyclists and the 1980s punk rock movement. He continues his research to map the obscure and forgotten corners of our recent past, whether you like it or not.


LINDAs HeadLINDA WALKER joins us to share the latest and strangest in the world of the paranormal this week.

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