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Here'sWhyTheDoctorisAwesomeTODAY on Here’s Why That’s Funny on FCC Free Radio – It’s a sunny day in San Francisco, California, and a great week to be a Bay Area sports fan. Between the Warriors, Sharks, Giants, and A’s, we’re that much closer to an afternoon of perfect synchronization in which all Bay Area sports fans are drunk at the same time. In the case of such an event (referred to as the Hyphypocalypse), we at HWTF advise that you lock your doors, hide anything in your house that’s gold and blue, and listen to your favorite podcast starring the least charismatic radio host in San Francisco.

Opera singer turned stand up comic Chad Opitz is one of the biggest names in Bay Area comedy. On today’s episode, the Gig Harbor, WA native talks to Alex about performing at Comedy Day, his first time doing comedy in Santa Cruz, and his favorite aria. This is an interview you will not want to miss!

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