Comedians Danielle Arce, Erik Escobar & Dj Chef Fred on The Edge!

chef fredOn Today’s The Edge of Insanity in FCC Free Radio‘s Studio 1A, 4-6pm. Paul Brumbaugh & Kitten Marie are in the midst of some really cool happenings with the holiday season upon us. We will be in Studio with SoCal comedians hot off last nights show at Back Yard Comedy! as part of the Redwood City Underground Comedy Scene Presents Series of shows. My Favorite CannaChef.. DJ Chef Fred of serves it up like only he can. We are trying to raise awareness for little Anthony Thomas:

The 420 SHOUTOUT! with Patrick Carlin where I ask him the Jeb Bush question of the week: If you were able to go back in time , when Hitler was a Baby …. would you change his poppy diaper? & other questions about our stupid politicians. The EdgeCrew will be in the house with Mistress ChristineBrandon Ray to round things out. Plenty of Music & Comedy from Paul’s Private Stash along the way.

Download this & every webisode of The Edge. Call in to join in on the party at 415-829-2980

Brumbaugh’s humor along with Kitten Marie & Mistress Christine’s unique perspective on the local comedy scene with a variety of interesting guests will keep you on the edge of your seat wondering where they may go next. Stayed tuned to keep your finger on the pulse of what people are already calling a road map to entertainment in The City! Ready to conquer the world & beyond, 1 Sunday at a time!

Sundays from 4 – 6pm
 Studio 1A


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