The Underground Mayhem Podcast-Internet, Copyrights, Censorship, And Music 9-16-18

The EU passed new laws that will affect everyone who uses the internet in Europe. Those who use the world wide web as a way to do research, and make content for platforms like YouTube will have many obstacles to deal with.
Could article 11 and 13 (link tax and upload filter) be an attempt for government and corporations to keep even more of a tab on citizens?

Article 13 is for upload filters (Critics are calling them censorship machines). This sets new legal and technical limits on what people can post and share online in Europe.
Memes are going to be a huge casualty because of this. Memes have been used in elections, changed public opinion, and influenced critical thinking.

Ryan Voss, and James Conrad from Ryvo And The Revolving Door will be discussing the pros and cons of the laws and how much it will affect the US. They will also be performing a few songs off of their catalog. Patrick Donovan from Toy Called God will be calling in to talk about the bands upcoming tour, censorship, and fighting the fight a great bad has to do in order to survive.

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