Curtis Taylor III, Alyssa Westerlund & David Cooper

HereswhynewposterTODAY on Here’s Why That’s Funny on FCC Free Radio – It’s a gorgeous, cloudy day in San Francisco, CA. There’s not much going on in the world today: the Olympics are over, our nation’s annual “Pretend to Care About Syria” Party is winding down, and hardly anyone else has died playing Pokemon Go. Today is the perfect day to relax, forget about your problems, and listen to Alex and her friends talk about what’s new in the world of Bay Area Entertainment. Let’s do this!

Alyssa Westerlund is fresh from the GoldRush comedy festival at the GypsyShack in Sonora, CA, but you can see her rock the mic at a lot of stages in the Bay Area. Same with San Jose comedy wunderkind Curtis Taylor III, who just returned from a stint making people laugh on the east coast. You probably know comedian David Cooper from being the illustrious host of the Terrible Tuesdays Open Mic at the Purple Onion at Kells, a favorite of the San Francisco comedy college and an iconic location to get your yuks.

Download, Watch Live on Facebook, and make sure that you mark your calendars for HWTF Presents: The Brainwash Show on September 2nd at the famous Brainwash Cafe. Alex and friends will be in Studio 1a to try to make you laugh – and remember, we care about you, and we think you’re special. See you class clowns at 2.

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