2016-08-03-104-demonic-possessionAnthony Anderson and Verna Wilson

Cover a sensitive topic this week with demonic possession.  Is this a real phenomena or is this simply a bi-product of religion?  Are there really spirits out there that can inhabit living bodies, using them as hosts as they feed off the victims energy?  Tonight we welcome special guest, paranormal event host, investigator with decades of experience, Doug Carnahan.  Doug will help us delve into the world of possession and hear his thoughts and views on the subject.

Douglas M. Carnahan is the founder and president of the San Francisco Bay Area based NorCal Paranormal Investigators, Inc. (NPI for short)  Since the early 80’s when Doug was physically touch and attacked numerous times in his home over a 5 month period, he has been actively seeking answers to the questions no one could answer. “When I was attacked in my own home by an unknown and unseen spirit or entity I wanted to know what was going on and why. It didn’t take very long for me to find out I had to get the answers myself.” At that moment a paranormal investigator was born.


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