Dirtbag Dan, Rory Campbell, and RZN8R – Here’s Why That’s Funny

Here'sWhyTheDoctorisAwesomeTODAY on Here’s Why That’s Funny – It’s a gorgeous rainy day in San Francisco. The birds are chirping, the sky is chirping, the sun is chirping, the – wait. Oops. Sorry. Nothing is chirping. I just need to replace the batteries in my smoke alarm. My bad. Anyway…

Dirtbag Dan, the current twice-undefeated champion of the Open Mic Showdown at the San Jose Improv, will be making his first appearance in Studio 1a alongside the charming and brilliant comedian Rory Campbell. Oh, and also for your music-heads (which I’m pretty sure is everyone) we have Oakland’s own RZN8R, a Future soul/R&B artist and producer. You can find his songs on iTunes and Soundcloud. The Doctor’s personal favorite is “Beyond Me”. She prescribes you listen to it twice, and then don’t call her in the morning.

Download, Like, Love, Follow, but Dr. Mann, do not, I repeat, DO NOT OPEN THE HATCH. Listen to today’s show LIVE in Studio 1a on fccfreeradio.com. The Doctor and her friends are in today at 2 – and remember that she cares about you, and she thinks you’re special.

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