FAIKA! S1:E13 – Happy Holidays

The Faika Podcast is Brought To You By PolyByDesign

Brought to you by PolyByDesign the Faika Podcast is dedicated to finding and promoting positive Polynesian Role Models through the median of the spoken word.  Co-Hosts “Nackie” and Carl search the Pacific Islander communities to bring you traditional and contemporary topics and speakers that bring their message and passion across in a friend-to-friend  (“Faika”) conversational format designed to let the listener not only hear the topics and guests beliefs, but also get to know them as a person, a family member and a member of the community.

The Holidays can be the joyous time that families gather to break bread and celebrate their bond and give thanks to the Lord for all that they have. They can also be a very difficult time for our loved ones that are suffering from depression or mental illness.  Although it is a myth that suicide rates spike during the Holiday Season it can still be a hard time for some of our loved ones and they can use our support.   We will discuss some coping techniques and offer information to solution based organizations.  Other topics include the requested removal of Matt Damon from the movie Oceans 8 stemming from his comment that sexual harassment and sexual assault are two different issues.

Join us on Sunday from 10:00 to 12:00 Noon at FCCFREERADIO.COM in the ICONIC Studio2b and FAIKA WITH US!!  If you miss the live show you can download the episode shortly after it concludes at Noon on the Fccfreeradio website.

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