FAIKA! S2:E1 “Ladies First”

The Faika Podcast is Brought To You By PolyByDesign

It’s TIME!  The long awaited ALL WOMEN Faika Podcast is THIS SUNDAY January 7th!!!

Brought to you by PolyByDesign, the Faika Podcast showcases the feminine side of the Pacific Islands in this episode as POWERFUL role models such as Asian American Resources Program Director Nani Wilson, College of San Mateo Professor Ursula Ann-Siataga, “Brown Girl Woke” Movement Doris Tulifau , Spa Magazine’s “Rising Star Of The YEAR!” Siai Carole Morales AND your lovely Faika Hostess Annette “Nackie” Moli are revved up and READY TO RUMBLE!

Buckle up as the all female ear-hustler crew takes you on a ride on any and all topics that they feel appropriate.  Sexual abuse, LOVE, domestic abuse, relationships, social media, politics etc are ALL FAIR GAME!

This is a DO NOT MISS episode.  Tune into the CURRENT #1 ranked show in the entire FCCFREERADIO.COM show catalog; THE FAIKA PODCAST!  We broadcast from 10:00 am to 12:00 Noon live EVERY Sunday on FCCFREERADIO.COM in the ICONIC Studio 2b.  The best way to listen live is to download the “TuneIn” app and search “FCCFREERADIO”.

If you miss the live show you can download the episode on FCCFREERADIO.COM after 1:20 PM.  PolyByDesign will post a link on Facebook as soon as it’s downloadable.

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